cheap strikers

  • in here cheers

  • Mariano Diaz Reals Madrid's striker! benzy is facing fitness issues so this guy will be first choice striker... Think he has gone under the radar

  • Haller looks cheap to me just now. Frankfurt have TWO very winnable games this week, including a Friday night fixture

  • Radamel Falcao @Monaco is only 124 currently & whilst they have had a poor start to the league 1 season they will hopefully be rejuvinated under new boss Thierry Henry & still have the bonus of CL games.

    He's 32 now but is on big money & will be almost guaranteed to start when fit. He still know's how to find the net, usually the nominated penalty taker & is surrounded by promising youngsters who can both do his running for him & provide plenty of scoring opportunities. Seems a cheap enough gamble on the basis that Monaco can turn around their poor form.

  • @NewUser159387 If you believe he really is 32.

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