Frenkie De Jong

  • Banned

    Why has his price dropped so much at one stage he lost 26 futures but don't understand why the loss,played for Nethelands other night back from injury wanted by most big clubs so why the loss can anybody help

  • He came out and said he thinks he will stay at Ajax for another 2 or 3 years. The market reacted as his price was largely based on a big move within the next 6-12 months. Playing for Ajax he has limited dividend potential.

    I don't hold, but would see this as a temporary blip. There's an awful lot of hype, but his international displays in particular have been very impressive so could be the real deal. I'd be amazed if he stayed at Ajax for 3 more years!

    When the move will happen and what he will be worth after that is anyone's guess.

  • @Jazzman thank you

  • I'm pretty sure he won't even stay beyond this season, and the speculation will come whatever he decides, so don't panic mate.

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