Player prices in the next 4 days

  • Not sure about anybody else but I believe player prices are likely to rise quite a bit prior to the weekend. Personally I believe there are a lot of traders/gamblers that buy players prior to games in the hope they perform well or win PB then move on to other players.

    I think a few players from the 6 teams that play Friday evening will see nice rises specifically Maxi Gomez of Celta Vigo and probably half the Lyon team!

    Then looking at upcoming fixtures Liverpool have a good run coming up so the whole defence has solid PB chances, Keita's price may bounce with Milner out and if Salah is fit he may recapture his scoring touch which will also give him MB opportunities as well. Man City have a good home fixture v Burnley so I see there players also rising.

    On the continent both PSG and R Madrid have easy fixtures so I look to there players for strong growth.

    I think we will now start to see this as a regular trend and with constant football to come it may provide plenty of opportunities.

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