What research should we do to invest successfully??

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    I have been investing on Football Index for about 2 years now and I have been a huge fan of football since i was 10 years old....most football fans who trade on here know quite a bit about the main league in the top 5 countries (England, Spain, Italy, France, Germany) and there are a group of traders who go that extra mile to research other countries (Portugal, Holland, Brazil, Argentina) and reap rewards by getting in on these countries players early....

    The point that I am trying to make is where do we start researching and how far do we need to analyse to enable us to get the best profit we can??? Passes? Goals? Assists? Clearances?....where do you start?

    Also what makes us invest in these players that most of us have never heard of....this is the group of traders i was talking about earlier on that go the extra mile, a bit more time spent researching will pay off !!

    My final point i want to make is there is a lot of traders out there that know a fair bit about football but still get caught out by the 'sheep' effect, what i mean by this is say for example Barkley, who had an excellent performance in Chelsea's last match against Southampton. I was watching the match and looking at FI at the same time (i'm not the only one, right guys !!) and i noticed that Barkley went up about 15-17p before he scored then went up about 35p when he scored, that's the point when we started buying futures in him thinking we can get on the profit boat like everyone else (like sheep) but at the end of the match reality kicks in...that 35p rise soon drops to 20p within minutes and you are left with small profit or even end up in the RED !!, in conclusion to this "Don't always be the sheep, sometimes you need to be the herder watching on"

    Let's hear your views, what research did you do to get the players into your portfolio?



  • @AndyP32

    I think key is whatever due-diligence you do you need to believe in the product you are buying... so whilst a naked eye watching a player play well can be as good a judge as anything.. backing it up with a few stats and reading up on the news and what the experts say too can also help with your decision making... As a football fan who loves watching football, interested in statistics and team news for me it's not about research, simply putting what i know and enjoy doing as a hobby into a profitable outcome...

    Re the sheep effect is this down to fear of missing out?? I usually stay away from things like this (avoiding emotional gambling) but the World Cup on the biggest stage verses Argentina I remember chucking in to Kylian Mbappe at £6.22 after he scored and he was already £1 or more up on his previous days price... You can still get it right being the sheep, but perhaps if I had done better research and believed in his potential more I would have gone in earlier when perhaps he was just a couple of quid?

    Suppose the beauty is we can always learn from mistakes and the more adaptable we are the more we can earn going forward as the dynamics of FI will always be changing as more and more players do research in trying to become the herder!!

  • Expected goals and assists stats are the statistics I find most useful alongside PB base scores.

  • For a player

    Social media presence
    Media prescence
    Pass completion
    Plays at a big Club
    Transfer linked

    A trader

    Spotting a trend
    Spotting a trend
    Spotting a trend
    Not being greedy
    Not being greedy
    Not being greedy

    That covers most of it I think.

  • I think after yesterday' spending time doing research and looking to unearth the next hidden gem has become secondary and its now going to me more a case of hoping that the next promotion that comes along smiles favourably upon your portfolio.

  • If there was any sort of fairness then defenders at some point will get a crack at earning something.

  • @PB-man said in What research should we do to invest successfully??:

    Expected goals and assists stats are the statistics I find most useful alongside PB base scores.

    It's Mystic Meg!

  • @AndyP32 Foodball Index Edge: Average Price vs Average PB, and other stats. Then I look at whether the player has assists or goals to him and then buy based off that.

  • Good research is already having the player and before the great performance follows not waiting for that great performance and jumping on it at the right time. I’ve been there and lost as you say soon drops again. A lot is down to luck that the player you believe in actually finds the best form of his life. I no longer try been the sheep, instead just have a decent size portfolio and enjoy watching the performances happen.

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