Noir on the FIG podcast

  • Morning all

    I've been invited onto the FIG podcast. Let me know if theres any questions you'd like us to discuss.

    Cheers stu

  • The future of PB and any changes that may be made. Introduction of GKs, dividends around share splits and how PB may evolve.

    Also, tips on the Opta Scoring system and how it influences PB. Maybe a few players to use as an example.

  • Making the IPO process fairer and more transparent.

  • how about discussing what you would both do if you were a newbie who invests £500 today. what would your advice be on how you split the £500, which players, number of futures, most newbies look at people buying and selling 100 futures in players and their minds probably boggle at the prices being spent!

  • @Noirx4 I think it's clear now what the main topic should be..

    Look forward to hearing opinions from two respected people. I'm totally unconvinced.

  • Yes mate! Looking forward to listening.
    My question would be "how do you think the new announcement will affect the current trader sentiment towards traditional PB, and how could it work for other positions (defenders) e.g. clean sheet dividend."

  • I would like to ask is FI worried about lack of cash flow following on from initial investments made? IE we probably tend to put in lumps of cash, sporadically, and watch the portfolios grow over time... Rather than (like bet sites) put it in weekly with a quick turnaround through commission and losses...

    Yesterday was clear to me that they acted quick to get money IN and in creating volatility some of us more experienced investors may be more put off from investing rather than becoming more keen to invest more!!!

  • @dannypea I hasn't put me off just yet. I'm going to hang around and see what happens. The order book can't come soon enough for me now. Trailing stop loss on every player.

  • @Misto

    Yet another change that i'm not completely clear on...?

    Wonder how many orders they'll be for Goalkeepers and Under 21's from obscure nations they'll be today???

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