Changing the way of thinking,expensive to cheap?

  • I've been on football index now since February this year and had a good spread on my portfolio ranging from top players to mediocre players. But a few weeks ago I changed my way of thinking, I'm not sure if it's a good way or the right way or just a way that might work for me. So I don't have thousands of pounds to put it in and the money I do put it in when I buy players like hazard and Neymar if they win dividends I hardly get any money back, so the only way I have made money is if their price has increased in value. The strategy I've now change to is buying some cheaper players 4 longer-term that I believe in the next 6 to 12 months will give me much more gain on profit and because they are cheaper I can own more of them which if they do Win dividends I will win more than holding 20 hazards or 5 neymar. What's people's thoughts on this strategy?

  • If you can’t afford the big boys, then that is absolutely the next best thing- to predict the next neymars, and messi’s whilst they are still cheap. Easier said then done, however.

  • @NewUser123670

    They're linked; the dividend track record & potential for winning dividends in the future is a major factor behind driving the price higher.

    The real key to success is timing; buying Pogba a couple of months ago, just before the Mourihno spat began, when he was 720 has proved very successful (176p in dividends so far & price consequently doubled).

    I think the key is finding a trend early - someone highlighted Liverpool's next half dozen games looked very soft, which implies their players might win PB dividends, so Salah (now Mane looks to be out) might find some form & rise.

    Before the I'ntl break England likely starters were popular, rose on good performances & dropped back on profit taking afterwards - all rather predictable if you think about it.

    i agree that cheaper players with potential will rise over time but when is the big question, some will take longer than others but patience is a very underrated quality on FI.

  • when I set out I had a simple strategy to try and double my returns.... so setting yourself a target of no matter your investment sum for me would be first step.

    Then simply buy players that you thing will help you reach that target?

    I'll be honest the more you play the more your strategy might evolve, you'll find yourself investing more and expecting more in time but if you have a target in mind and a time you want to do it then that should help you a long the way?

    • Remember there's a transfer window in Jan... Those looking for a move will rise

    • There's the Champions League later stages Feb-May offering treble returns and last year players in the competition seemed to rise

    • In the summer window new transfer targets and players promoted will rise...

    • And during all the other times players in form will win PB's.... The biggest and best known players will win MB's...

    So pick your players based on the best returns for your strategy... If i were looking lower end value I would certainly looking right now at transfer targets and players in form knocking up good PB scores!!!

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