Big announcement tomorrow!!!

  • MikeB_FI wrote its better than share split and we will love it. What could it be?? That must be really huge....

  • 10% bonus

  • @Misto again?

    A Christmas party?
    Could be related to Adam Cole's recent surveys? Quintessentially membership etc etc?

  • @NewUser38991 I guess either a review into IPO process, GK category for PBs or Fellaini is donating his hair to the poor for winter insulation.

  • @Metropolis_山の中の市

    The only thing better than a share split in my opinion would be order books.

    Here's hoping!!

  • @NewUser38991 every time we go through this. Its the marketing guy. It will be either a country launch. Think spain/Germany or a new advertising agreement.

  • New goalkeeper category? Unlikely but I've picked up some keepers in case.

    Ready to be stung!

  • @Noirx4 last 2 big news has been 10%. Doubt their do another this year. Germany would be nice.

  • i'd hazard a punt on either another deposit bonus, offering of further shares purchase into FI or the one I am hoping for is the order book to go live......….

  • Dividends increase would be the only big news of real significance.

    Doubt it’s that though. Probably just more marketing BS. Gary Neville to feature on a new London Underground poster or something equally boring.

  • Its a bold statement to say it is bigger than share split. Possible options:

    Order books start date
    Removal or extension of 3 year period
    Big football nation being added (Spain/France/Germany)
    2nd & 3rd place PB dividend payouts
    Goalkeeper category (not really bothered!)
    Another deposit bonus (really cannot see that)
    FI listing on AIM and ability to buy shares

    Things it could be but not that exciting

    Irish trader meet date
    Christmas Party
    More Marketing (becoming future sponsor of Carabao Cup!)
    Date Current website closes and new Beta site becomes compulsory
    Plans to launch another sport

    However the big question is do I invest my cash holding (not insignificant) into players in case market goes up and up on the announcement?

  • @Fletch don't get the down votes. Very reasonable post. AIM would be funny invest in what I'm invested in. AIM still makes me mad. FUCK QUINDELL

  • @Fletch The Football Index Cup has a ring and would catapult this platform.

  • Carabao cup runs until 2020 and they paid £18m for a 3 year deal I can't see it happening. Hopefully it's more dividends somehow, would love the buzz of everyone going mad for keepers tommorow

  • Misto & Lukeroro

    Cheers for the upvotes fellas much appreciated, cannot believe 1 of my least controversial posts gets 2 anonymous down votes - If people disagree or have issues you would think they would have the "Niagara Falls" to at least say why rather than take easy option of just clicking a button!

    An Aim listing may well make sense rather than selling the product off to a big bookmaker as it would allow original investors and backers to get there capital out and still maintain a substantial % of the business. Additionally FI is exactly the sort of business that would attract many small investors ie us!!

    Think I am going to splash the cash on a couple of players that hopefully will see plenty of investment if tomorrow turns out to be a big day :)

  • @Fletch seems wasteful to bring you back to neutral. But agree with all.

    A good shout is the date for cementing the Beta as the new site, as I guess inside FI it's a massive change but for us it's a splinter in the underwear. Fingers crossed it's a bluff and it is a share split after all!!

  • @Lukeroro

    It would not surprise me if it is to do with the 3 year holding period, at the last trader meet they waived it for those few shares that were still held from the launch of FI which means they must have got around the rules and laws regarding gambling and investing for tax purposes. Additionally if all there data shows hardly any shares are held long term there is no need for it as turnover is happening naturally so no risk for them.

  • @Fletch aye, but it may affect whether the futures are seen as "bets" or "investments". I don't know the ins and outs but I'm sure the 3 year rule isn't simply to make sure people don't forget about the portfolio and come back in 2023 to find out that kid from PSV became the new Ronaldo and they have divs for days and a portfolio that pays.

  • @NewUser38991 The only thing for me I would like is a dividend increase. Share split is really good so I can see no other thing bigger. Order Books I don't see as a good thing because it is a new thing and I will have to understand it and it probably won't help me making money personally.

  • @HappyLarry59855 if it's massive to FI it may not be that big for us.. hence why the launch for the Beta to become the actual site makes sense. That or a new country or Robbie Savage facing up a new ad on BBC iPlayer.

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