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  • I was just wondering if anybody has a strategy of when and how to bank any profits made. As we all know you do t have any profits in the betting world until it’s out of your betting account and in your bank account.
    For example.... I gave myself £1000 to play with and in my first week my squad is now worth 1070 so making £70 profit. And I want to bank any profits weekly so keeping the £1000 I started with and playing with that only. So making sure I always am banking any profit made.
    Obviously if my squad decreases below the £1000 then I won’t be banking any. But just wondering if anybody has any strategy to banking profits. I.e. selling 1 share of every player you own to make up the £70 or selling the weekest player etc?

  • @NewUser108957 i'd be careful on what you think is £70 profit, If you mean your portfolio is £70 more then you are probably not in profit as that is the buy price. Make sure that whatever you sell at has took into account the 2% commission also. If you are on top of all that then well done. Personally I feel that you can't really make enough in a week to bank it, unless you are holding large percentages of one player which is a high risk strategy.

  • @Weedster yeah good point about commission. My main point is I don’t want to just keep money in there like I do with betting accounts as I will always end up losing that money. A little different on here granted but just seeing the best way to bank money with keeping commission down on transaction as like I say my squad is now with £70 more than I started with but I can’t get that money without selling a player or a share of the player.

  • @NewUser108957 thats the way it works mate. I would just decide which players you regard as short term holds and then sell your holdings in them when you think the time is right and bank that as your profit. Not easy to do as the next big thing is always just around the corner and you'll probably end up re-investing as I have, plus the fact that your portfolio would just shrink away to no players:)

  • Create a strategy which sees some long term holds and some players that you trade in and out of depending on how much they rise. For example you might set a take profit target on a player if he reaches at 40% increase etc. Maybe it could be 60% but it’s totally up to you. You just have to be disciplined and follow your plan.

    This way sees you have some long term holds who you just keep and have faith in, and some players who might just be having a great moment so you accept they are short term trades.

  • In my opinion you should invest in a player for a specific reason with a target profit in mind. Once that profit is achieved you could do any of the 3 options below

    1. Sell all of the player and reinvest the original amount in new players and bank the profit so keeping you portfolio with the original amount invested. This is simple but your portfolio will be slow growing.

    2. Buy, Sell and Trade to your hearts content but only move any dividends you receive to your bank

    3.Alternatively you could do the following:

    Originally you buy 100 futures in Player A for £1.00 and he is now £2.00

    Sell 75 futures so you still have 25 futures worth £50.00
    You will have £150 - 2% commission = £147 in cash in your account
    Bank £47 and invest £100 in new players
    This gets you some cash back and allows for a faster growing portfolio and bigger returns in the future.

  • Welcome, and nice work on the successful first week.

    I've tried various strategies of de-risking my portfolio.

    • Withdrawing all dividends every few days.
    • Withdrawing half of my '24 hour green figure'
    • Withdrawing a specified amount every few days.

    These can last for a few weeks at a time but ultimately they are all doomed to failure because as soon as Adam Cole puts on a bonus I end up depositing a load more back in and getting swept along with the beauty of FI :-)

    Wouldn't change it for the world

  • there's an argument for not banking any of your profits each week.... After all the returns are much greater if you just leave in FI's account...?

    Perhaps banking dividend wins only? Or as said previously rely on a minimum profit margin per player so that when they hit it just sell up? Although that kills off huge potential rises in players that might double or triple or more in value so would you not then be selling yourself short and cursing yourself when your £1 player you sold at £2 is now worth £10?

    If it were me I would much rather re-invest any profit I made and put it into even more shares so you have a bigger portfolio and more money with more return for your investment? Perhaps taking out cash on a quarterly or annual basis if needed, but for the odd £70 here and there I would much rather turn that into double, triple or quadrouple its worth rather than spending it on sweets!!

  • I buy 100 futures in a player, wait for it to go up 27% and then sell 80 of them and invest in 100 of the next one...

    Means the remaining players are “pure profit” and a free run which you can sell whenever you want.

    Began about a month ago and has worked quite successfully thus far, with 20 free De Jongs, De Ligts, Ismaila Sarrs among a few others which I can sell when I deem them to reach their peak...

    Just one way to bank profit/de-risk and postpone paying the commissions

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