• Invested in Auba pre season and currently taking a big loss on him probably should of sold but I didn't when pushed out wide to accommodate Lacazette playing the Central role but hind sights a wonderful thing.Even when coming on and scoring a brace against Fulham his price didn't move much ,still think he will 20+ goals this season in an improving arsenal side and Europa League aswell.Been very patient so far so do I carry on holding or cut my losses and sell views please ?

  • A share split is likely in the next few months (in my opinion), so i’d hold all top 50 players if I were you.

  • @ocs123 share split wont happen before Christmas. I believe we will get a 10% bonus announced in December, prices boom, then after Christmas the split is announced, prices boom again as f.i try to get players prices as high as possible before the split occurs. they may even announce a raise in dividends for a period of tme to solve the problem of splitting a 5p media payout. I think it probably be a 4 way split o yes id hold on to whoever you have right now and keep investing where you can

  • @Finlay77

    Where does it say that a share split won't happen before Christmas?

  • @ocs123 it doesn't, just my opinion mate but he did say it at the trader meet or the twitter q and a I think

  • Hold for me... I didn't go in after the WC as his price didn't drop enough for me but he was always on my radar and I instead put him in my fantasy teams expecting 20 goals plus in the EPL... the partnership he could have with Lacazette could be frightening. He'll come good!

  • 100% hold for me seasons only just getting going arsenal will prob rest him a fair bit in the European cup so he'll stay fresh, plays for a top club he's gonna get plenty of goals for me he's value and under people's radar Iv watched him a couple of times I think he's got it all

  • I'm holding too, I think he will be good to have for the Thursday night games personally. He is a quality player, i was hoping Liverpool would of bought him.

  • Quality player, a bit wasted from the left but still producing a decent output. Emery played 442 against Fulham so I hope he continues to do so. Having said that Lacazette has looked better so far and I think both represent good value compared to most in the top 200, I think they'll be rotated in the europa league and possibly will both start later in the tournament; if we get there, which we should and as a fan I'd be embarrassed if we didn't.

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