Thoughts on how FI can advertise...

  • Just wanted to start a thread on how best FI could advertise and market for mass appeal.

    My initial thoughts:

    1. Get a billboard at Wembley park station for match days as I live close by and there are thousands of people that pass through to get to Wembley stadium.

    2. On Wembley match days, get some sort of promo going on the walkway maybe some kind of activity that gets people walking by to interact.

    3. Billboard on the a40 route to central London. Not really footy orientated but thousands travel the route each day.

    4. Another kit sponsor, I have been using the Bristol kit on Fifa and love it. We need more.

    I know this all costs money and I have no idea of the budget but I just want this post to be about realistic ideas.

  • Free to play fantasy football powered by the index. To work as gate way product.

    Scoring system could be PB scores equal the points your players earns and if they win MB they get say a bonus 40 points. This would give new users a good idea how the market works without having to put in loads of money and would be something extra for the current users to play.

  • All of your idea's are OOH (Out Of Home) Marketing, which 10 years ago was very popular but there are far better ways of advertising a business these days.

    Simple banner ads on football forums (There are hundreds around the country for each team) would have the same effect for about 10% of the cost, and you would be targeting pure football fans with internet access.

    The problem with chucking a billboard ad on a motorway is that by the time that person gets home, they've forgotten what the ad was. Internet marketing is instant. That person is already online.

    If they have a huge budget, TV advertising during football matches/sky sports news would be a much better way of targeting actual fans.

  • How about a Demo version where new customers play with fake money, but with real time prices? Most trading sites have demo versions.

    Maybe the £500 risk free for the first week offer already trumps this!

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