All this talk of a crash...

  • Who actually cares?

    If your portfolio is in the green, great. If its in the red, so what. No investment is money until its in your bank again.

    If a crash happens buy more futures, FI will bounce back and, for the foreseeable FI is an upward curve if you avoid the bottom of the barrel I.e. Relegation possibilities.

    I look forward to everyone panic selling come November 😊

  • Crashes only happen because people think there'll be a crash.

    Totally agree though, in the highly unlikely event of one I'll be absolutely ploughing money into it. Fools.

  • There have been multiple 'crashes' throughout my time on the index. Every time it's not taken long for shares to rise above what they were at pre crash. As already stated, a crash just gives you chance to grab some of the better players at a cheaper price

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