Pedrinho of Corinthians

  • Hi all :) I just wanted to alert everybody that Pedrinho will be added to the market tomorrow (between 12-2pm & at an opening price of £1.50). I love watching Brazilian club football & especially like looking for possible future world star's & in my opinion, this young man is going to be massive. He's 20 & only a slight in physique player (plays in an advanced midfield role, a link to the striker's), but he really takes some stopping. He's being linked to many European clubs (Barcelona & Chelsea being two of them) with a value of €25m & I honestly think that in a few year's, he'll be in the top 3 player's in the world & worth a fortune.

  • I don't touch the IPO's. I prefer to wait for it settle but yeah he 'looks' like a good prospect. I hold Vinicious Junior and he has served me well.

  • @NewUser2025 Good man, that's the sort of info that's priceless on the Index! Buying and holding this guy simply based on your say so, no repercussions :-)

    Do you know much about Reinier Jesus Carvalho? I went to England u17 vs Brazil last night, he was their captain (no 10) and looked very able and agile on the ball for a big lad (although he did miss a right sitter! :-) )

  • I'm such a placid chap, but what has just happened has really annoyed me. I've been waiting for Pedrinho to be included in the player list for ages & saw that he was to be added today between 12-2pm at a £1.50 price. I've been sitting at my computer & refreshed my screen every 20 seconds since 11.45am just to see when Pedrinho drops in. Now I've come to the annoying bit. He becomes available at 1.10pm, but with a price of £1.95 !! He was listed to be at a £1.50 opening price & I thought I could make an early killing, but No, as he's already gone up nearly 25% at the time of entry. Does this happen a lot with new player's or am I just unlucky ??

  • @NewUser2025

    It happens every single time. Some bots. Some very experienced traders who have spent years honing their IPO strategy. You’re lucky to have seen him at £1.95 tbh.

  • Although I’ve got to ask why you were trying to build interest in him before you owned any?

    That was a surefire way to increase the competition for him at £1.50.

  • @playingcards1 Hi mate :) Haha .. I've calmed down now & Thanks to your kind info, I've just put it down to 'one of those thing's'. Yeah, it could've seemed odd of me to talk about Pedrinho before he was added to the market. I just wanted you good people to be aware of his talent & potential. If anybody doesn't believe me of his skill's, just have a look at him on Youtube. Take Care playingcards1 & again, Thank You for helping me feel better :)

  • I won’t be buying IPO and will likely wait a few weeks to get on board, but Pedrinho and Paulinho at Leverkusen and two very exciting talents. I can still see Pedrinho staying at Corinthians for another season. Good game time but still a sub most games.

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