• Why do people seem to be investing in goalkeepers at the moment they’re all rising? Bit weird to see

  • Speculation that they’d be getting a PB category.

    But Mike Bohan (Head of Marketing) has essentially confirmed that they’re not. So expect to see crashes imminently.

  • @playingcards1

    Pretty irresponsible really; leading punters up the hill, admittedly to draw their own conclusions, only to quash it via twitter.

    If they want to be treated as a serious firm, worthy of investment, then they need to conduct themselves in a more professional manner.

  • I bought two goalkeepers this morning and have now sold up for a decent profit (although I missed the incredible spike just after 2pm).

    Just hoping that they don't now introduce a GK PB category and make my decision to sell look foolish!

  • @NewUser159387

    To be fair to FI they made no mention of a goalkeepers category and then announced that the news would be a trial which in itself indicated it could not be something that would materially change player prices as if removed would have severe consequences.

    Then if they had not quelled the goalkeeper rumour people would have lost more money by 6pm and felt even angrier.

    It seems to me that in this instance many traders just assumed it was going to be what they wanted it to be and did not really think about it.

    However this is gambling and not a free cash machine which many seem to think it is.

  • Yeah all true, but why not just come out and say what it is not keep everyone guessing and 2nd guessing it ain't fucking kiss chase this is people's money here

  • @Fletch

    Yes traders made 2+2=5 but FI deliberately left the void for such speculation to take place - Why pre-announce an announcement? Just issue the update without extra fanfare job done. Most gambling &/or financial firms sign up to "treating clients fairly" type code of conduct & this episode hardly qualifies - amateur hour at best, open to insider trading at worst, if you were to take a less charitable viewpoint.

  • I don't blame them for pulling these stunts, they're not lying about about and not forcing anyone to buy anyone pre-announcement, people do it to get ahead of the game which of course can be quite lucrative if you get it right.

    There IS another factor that could boost GK's value our side of their own Cat and that is if the announcement is Fantasy related where you need to submit/buy a team's worth of players to be eligible. We know that they are contemplating this kind of thing and it would have a great effect on short term trading which is music to FI's ears. In this scenario people would need to buy keepers.... just a thought (thanks to @BL__FI on this point by the way)

  • @Agatello

    Personally, I think doing a fantasy style team would be an unnecessary and slightly weird sidetrack away from their USP and core business model.

    There’s lots to get right with the stock market concept (including goalkeepers!) without trying to replicate FPL.

  • They knew exactly what they were doing.

    The ambiguous bullshit they have put out since yesterday is reprehensible.

    I said a few hours ago that this would happen, and that FI would make lots of money today by exploiting the naivity of the user base.

    Openness, fairness and accountability.

    FI, if you keep deliberately burning the users, they will quickly lose faith in the product and take their money elsewhere. Sort it out.

  • @playingcards1 those very just sentiments could be the very reason such a system would be "trialed" rather than just implemented don't you think?

    They're eventually handing off the liquidity so anything that creates short term volatility and boost commission will surely be seen as desirable to FI Towers.

    I'm sure I've heard the main players mention that it's in their thoughts, not sure how they'd do it but if it's simple and can win dividends by getting the highest accumulative PB score then I can see it working!

  • @johnboywalker

    It is correct they will have made money and starting twitter feeds to build up hype is wrong, However if this announcement is major then they do have to treat their customer base fairly by giving notice at least 24 hours in advance of the announcement. What they could have done is made it clear that it does not effect goalkeepers as it was pretty obvious some would naively buy them.

    It is maybe now time they distance themselves from being the mates of customers to being the owners of a substantial business that nears clear professional leadership.

  • When they recently did the deposit bonus randomly alot of people who work in the day complained about missing the initial Surge this could have something to do with advanced warning and the timing of the announcement.

  • @Fletch I think if it was something like keepers. The price rise would have come before the email anyway. There would be insider trading, no way a members of staff doesn't tell there friends and family news like that before it comes out.

  • I've always been a big fan of David Von Ballmoos but he has two problems.

    1: He plays for Young Boys
    2: He's not IPO'ed

    However he does have the best name ever

  • Someone with the user name william has just purchased a few hundred David de gea's

  • @Advinculas-Index said in Goalkeepers?:

    Someone with the user name william has just purchased a few hundred David de gea's

    William de Gea at it again.

  • @Advinculas-Index said in Goalkeepers?:

    Someone with the user name william has just purchased a few hundred David de gea's

    Haha I think Willie missed the memo ...

  • @Ellisandro said in Goalkeepers?:

    @Advinculas-Index said in Goalkeepers?:

    Someone with the user name william has just purchased a few hundred David de gea's

    William de Gea at it again.

    More chance of Willem Dafoe making you money today mate ...

  • De Gea has dropped by about 45% in the last hour as well..........

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