October 17th 2018 Forever will be known as FI benefit day!

  • Announce a big surprise and watch traders act like lemmings jumping off a cliff.

    The announcement could have been anything and you could basically have bought any half decent player on the platform with little risk with the exception of goalkeepers.

    Today may well prove to be one of the most profitable days in FI history as they have manged to sell futures in players that nobody wants who have then sold them back within hours which will equal 2% profit on very significant turnover.

    It seems today that all the traders who want a goalkeeper PB payment decided FI would just do what they want without thinking about the logistics and financials behind it and finally why would you buy goalkeepers just for a trial period it could be for just 1 week!!


  • @Fletch

    Whilst i agree with your sentiment FI need to act more responsibly & professionally if they are to make it as a major player & not just a pump & dump boiler room outfit, where those in the know & in a twitter loop can start various rumours running whilst benefiting financially either personally or corporately.

    Traders can make their own decisions based on genuine rumours that is the nature of the beast but when those very rumours are being started, pushed, repeated then quashed by FI &/or it's own employees it becomes far too close to insider trading or market manipulation & if they continue down that track it will end in a very brown & sticky mess.

  • Aye, jumped in on Ousmane Dembele and Pogba, anticipating gold!!

  • I was overweight in goalkeeepers :(
    Not any more :)

  • @Donald-Trump

    Hey Donald, what's your view on today's shenanigans.

    'Fake news' aye?

  • @NewUser159387

    I have posted in the Goalkeeper thread that I believe that the top staff at FI need to become far more professional especially as the business has grown so much and definitely have to stop trying to be the mates of customers as this is all well and good early on but not now it is a multi million pound business. They should just have announced that at 6pm this evening there will be major news regarding a trail of a new dividend mechanism and left it at that with no twitter hype. That is what a professional business does.

    However we have to remember this is a gambling site and eventually profits will be harder to make and when order books come in we will start to win and lose money from each other as well as FI.

    Today there are still people buying goalkeepers now (been watching the activity ticker) even with warnings all over the forum and twitter unfortunately these people will have short lived experiences on here and will be easily parted from there money and will be just the type of individual we will all profit from at some point when order books arrive. This is the reality of gambling or if you prefer buying and selling stocks.

    Those that blindly bought earlier in the day are also those that may struggle to profit on here in a couple of years time when margins are tighter, traders much more savvy and the index not growing just due to new joiners.

  • @johnboywalker Fake news is rife here and on twitter. We will need to beware of insider trading too.

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