Risky Business !!

  • Hey Guys, after reading through the posts on the 'Big Announcment Tomorrow!!' thread, it seems that there are quite a few unhappy traders :-(...

    To me it looks like most of these unhappy traders are people who have invested on the basis that what they think will happen WILL actually happen and will suffer a loss from it when it doesn't happen.....e.g. Seperate GK category or 10% bonus...but too be honest we don't know a lot, the only thing we do know is that it's not about the Share Split !! (unless another announcement has been made?).

    Let's hear your view on investing before we know these facts? Have you done it already? Why? or are you waiting in the shadows for the right moment then BOOM...



  • @AndyP32 I have a small war chest ready to go. Keeping the money in my bank for now just in case there is a bonus, so loading it on to FI before would be silly.

  • @Misto great stuff well done.

  • Well done to FI. Through my own stupidity sold many players and lost loads on commission to buy strikers that are dropping in value :(

  • @NewUser171924
    If that's for the dividends you wouldn't have qualified mate it's from the 20th of this month..... so everyone re-buyinh just now won't be eligible....

  • it's from yesterday that counts. It looks like they f**ked up. Adam Cole announcement on Twitter confirmed from yesterday. Mike the marketing directer has also confirmed this on Twitter. The website announcement is incorrect.

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