FI appear to be taking punters for a ride, costing 2%

  • To qualify for this goal/assist bonus you need "new shares purchased during the promotion period for 30 days from purchase."

    In other words you need to sell & rebuy (2% commission + any spread) any players that you currently hold??

    Looks like a con simply designed to generate turnover & commission for FI - either badly communicated or thought out but only one winner IMO.

  • or you could just buy new shares and benefit from a new dividend bonus on top of the previous pb and mb. I'm quite happy with that

  • @Mr-Matt Problem is they are encouraging the sell then rebuy knowing if people fall for it they loss money.

    "You will not get Goal & Assist Dividends on any shares you hold which have been purchased before or after the above period. If you wish you can sell players you hold and repurchase them to qualify for these new dividends."

    Before anyone says it, yes we have the choice, but they are putting in peoples minds it a viable strategy to win. When it's not.

  • the goal of any company is to make a profit they're doing a very good job of that. It's down to each individual to make their own decisions. Yeah the ploy was to encourage big sell offs and buy ins but there is opportunity in every situation. For me I've seen my portfolio increase nicely today. I bought some high probability goal scorers and will get more money when they score. My defenders are down but they will bounce back within 2 months. And I'll be hoovering up some more defenders that have dropped once the dust settles. All in all very happy with that.

  • @Mr-Matt said in FI appear to be taking punters for a ride, costing 2%:

    the goal of any company is to make a profit they're doing a very good job of that

    If that comes at the cost of losing the confidence of your customers & driving them away due to appearing to want to fleece them it's not a great strategy!

  • @NewUser159387 Tomorrow people are gonna see how good value youngsters and defenders are again and they'll rise once more and prices will be restored. Either double down on your losers if you believe in them or just ride it out. Medium term value will be restored. For anyone that sold their portfolio in haste, buying into the decrease list is also a smart medium flip strategy now too

  • I agree with misto. I'm not playing this game. Hope this isn't a regular thing?

  • I will be focusing on PB and MB only. Any Goal and Assist dividends returns I receive I will just look at as a bonus from coincidentally holding the player at that time.

  • Twice in the article FI make it clear that customers can sell their existing shares and rebuy new shares in a player, in order to be eligible for the offer.

    Anyone who has done this, particularly with high value players, must be stupid.

    Sell Neymar and the commission alone is 30p+! That means that Neymar would need to score 15 goals in the next 30 days just to make your money back! Even Neymar is not going to do that.

    Of course the commission on someone like Glenn Murray will be less (circa 2.5p), but how many goals is he realistically going to score in a month? One? Two? And when the promotional period nears an end, his price will tank badly, because he’s old, not very good and plays for a weak club.

    How desperate are FI for commission that they’ve had to resort to this?

    Short term gain in commission for FI at the expense of long term loss of customer confidence.

    Plus who is going to buy defenders, midfielders or young players now? Answer very few people. So it’s not only the current hit on many share prices that is the problem. It’s knowing that they probably won’t recover for at least 6 weeks - even if this promo isn’t made permanent.

    No way FI will offer a similar promo for clean sheets in the future either, because it would cause a devaluation of Neymar and other top priced players (who are mostly forwards) and lead to outrage on a biblical scale.

    Dreadful decision making by FI and presumably a result of the new board members who’ve recently joined from traditional short sighted bookies.

  • @Mr-Matt yes that is what I did, just topped up on some strikers, hoping that long term my portfolio will bounce back as I hold alot of players that will bear fruit over time. But people selling fast has hit me for the moment. Overall I am not keen on this idea but see they are looking to profit, as it is a business.

  • Just for the record.. if this happens again, I'm outta here! And I bet there'll be a few others joining me.

    Worrying level of short sightedness from FI. I thought it was wonderful how the index is suitable for multiple strategies. If this carries on, a lot of slow burners will be off to buy Apple stocks or gold.

  • @NewUser138806 already started checking todays cryptos....

    The worrying thing today is because of this FI OWN GOAL i'm seeing a HUGE lack of movement and interest on the platform?????

    MBAPPE who leads the way as one of the BIG RISERS is apparently UP 0.53 in 24 hours but since midnight has actually moved around 0.02 since this morning....

    Cavani UP 0.52 overnight... Today he's down around 15p... Neymar down over 20p since his rise..

    Highest rises in the squad players Glenn Murray is DOWN 9p overnight.. Stuani UP 0.47 since yesterday but DOWN over 20p overnight

    Even IPO's have failed to hit £2!!!!!

    James M has brought 11 Johann Berg Gudmondsson at £9.... Some one has just brought 3 Mason Mounts... Cheese has brought 10 Christian Pulisic's whilst Joey H has sold his 25 Eden Hazard's....

    Usually today would be going mental for Luke Shaw... mental for Paul Pogba.. mental for Friday's PB games and mental for the weekend buzz and return of league fixtures... Not today... today is a dark dark day for FI.... :-(

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