16th or 20th

  • can someone please confirm when this madness starts... All my decisions have been based on the 20th which was published.... Can someone post the link that shows its changed to the 16th...

    If this is true it's an absolute disgrace from FI..

    People put hard earned cash into this platform. The least they can do is run it properly... Absolute Joke..!!!

    Raging!!! 😡😡😡

  • @NewUser171341 16th. Joke. Gonna hold what I have til Christmas and sell up I think.

  • I've sold my entire portfolio, rapidly... Thinking everyone would do the same in preparation for the 20th... I was expecting prices to crash until 20th then shoot up rapidly from that date when everyone bought back in....

    This misinformation is absolutely disgusting..!!!

    Any credibility of this platform has just been flushed down the pan with that collosoul screw up..!!!!

    Does anyone know the legalities of this.... I feel sick to my stomach 😡😡

  • From October 20th to midnight November 30th all new shares purchased will be eligible for Goal & Assist Dividends

    This means whenever a player you hold in your portfolio scores a goal, or assists a goal you will be paid cash dividends for these actions.

  • The link I have still shows 20th.....

  • Anyone got the link that says 16th....?

  • Mike from FI on Twitter said it's from the 16th (yesterday)

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