Stay calm and capitalise

  • I realise people are not happy with the way FI are doing things I for one think they make so many mistakes and the greed of these people is showing its face, but.. there's money to be made out of this trust me, I no it leaves a sour taste all this but check out all the cheap buys because people are instant selling, and some defenders, wing back especially get assists they have dropped soon as people have shown the hand in the big boys people will start seeing the true value once more, just keep an close eye on things.

  • I LOVE the platform and what they have created but I get the impression its an ACT NOW think later type of company and I get the impression Adam Cole is 'just' a money maker that doesn't think about the longer term structure of building relationships with his investors... Instead more interested at HOW he can get more and more people to invest and how quickly?

    FI need a platform that works instantly... They need a platform that is transparant and easy to understand... They need to work with integrity and professionally... They need to work to set dates and stop acting spontaneously.. They need to build up anticipation over time rather than 'trick' folk into splashing more money in to their already flawed system... They need to go back to the drawing board for me.. Getting the index right so it becomes profitable for those that use it well is essential, getting the index right so it becomes profitable for the owners also.. I don't expect easy money and would be happy if FI said to me "look, we can't do this, we need a set investment per month" but to change the goalposts without warning a week after asking us via a survey on how we wanted the future of FI to be.... It sucks!!!!!!!

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