Goal & Assist Dividends - Winners and Losers

  • Just my hot take - grateful for thoughts and suggestions as I’ll edit this later.


    • Super cheap strikers in PB leagues. There aren’t many of these guys left. But the strikers priced under 50p will give you a net profit (even instant selling) if they can score a couple in the month. Can’t think of many but a few are in the mix.

    • Old fashioned CFs. This is pretty obvious. But a player like Lukaku or Benzema who doesn’t regularly compete for PB should now be returning 6-10p in November.

    • Teams with easy fixture lists. The prospect of big wins dictate short-term trading already, but expect more fluctuation through October and November in Liverpool/Leverkusen players.

    • Traders who regularly flip in and out of players. You’ll reset the clock on your holds and may get a few bonus dividends to chuck in. If you were going to buy a player anyway, you now have even more incentive to do so!


    • Defenders and defensive midfielders. Ostensibly nothing has changed. Their dividend prospects are the same as yesterday. But now the attackers dividend prospects are enhanced, defenders relative value declines. Worth hoovering up any that decline too far though!

    • Premium players. It looked so good for them initially. But actually there’s no value in selling up to rebut and chase new buzz, because commission will easily cost more than you stand to gain in goal and assist dividends. Although a Messi or Neymar hattrick will net even more new money - so maybe this is net neutral.

    • Traders who hold long term. An existing portfolio isn’t eligible. I guess 3yr holds are exactly what FI are trying to discourage, but this feels like a rather mercenary way to try and create churn and grind out commission.

  • @playingcards1 3 year holds is what would build this platform. More money going in and staying in. This is the same now as banging an acca on first scorers at Coral!

  • @Lukeroro

    I agree, but FI are a business and they need to create some churn. Dividend payouts rely on commission bein generated. There are still opportunities to profit from this announcement.

    I dislike how they’ve done this - it’s been mega unprofessional - but I hope people can still see that nothing has fundamentally changed with the core product. They’ve just lobbed in a weird trial to encourage more movement in and out of players. If we all hate the trial at the end of November, I’m sure it will be discontinued and normal service will resume.

  • @playingcards1 it all seems like it's aiming to short term turnover, not the foundation of something big.

  • Lots of value wiped off my younger players and off low, medium and high priced players who are not forwards. Some gains on the forwards I own.

    Net result is i’m down.

    Nice work FI. Seriously unimpressed and will be pulling out over the next couple of months.

  • What I don't get is.
    They did a survey not long ago so why wasn't this part of their questionnaire?
    Surely feedback would of made their minds up what to do instead of asking just for a share split...

  • @Dan-w Dont think it would have changed anything. The question would have been along the lines of would you like extra dividends for thing other than PB and MB? 99% would have voted for it.

  • @Misto true....

  • Well done FI, the people hardest hit will be the new rookies who may up and away once they realize they're losing dough hand over fist. I would think none of us are falling for it? Too much more of this though and we'll be off too. Heads should roll for this debarkle.

  • @Ollie Would love to be a fly on the wall in the next boardroom meeting. Fingers will wag.

  • 'Bookies' mentality fuc!ing up the platform...those damn directors :)

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