• After today's announcement I've withdrawn over half of my investment.
    I'm only small time so couldn't afford the big hitters.
    I spent hours researching looking for long term prospects, Bosmans for 2019, 2020 injured players etc etc.

    In reality I've wasted my time after today's announcement I should simply have bought cheap strikers.

    My main aim now , get to a point where I can get the rest of my money out and play with my winnings, and still have a decent portfolio.
    That's not too far off.

    I was about to deposit more money on payday and finally get a big hitter. Not now though. No more of my money going into FI

    Very annoyed this evening.

  • I'm selling all my shares and NOT reinvesting... 😡😡

  • Just looked at defenders its a blood bath think I'm going to get out over the next few weeks

  • I'm not big headed but i know a lot about players around the World, that knowledge though is worth sweet feck all with random bombshells like this.

  • Suppose the whole real issue here is this unannounced 'game changing TRIAL' is not what we ever signed up for and it is now having a negative effect on not only our investments but on the integrity of Football Index and the company that run this whole shambles.

    I always said I will only invest what I can afford to lose so I'm happy to ride with it... But to put more money in when they can't even get a date right? To put more money in when they use fake twitter accounts to leak fake news? To put more money in when I don't know IF this trial will end? Whether share splitting will come in to play? Whether Goalkeepers will ever have any value? Whether or not FI is actually running a sinking ship or not???

    This move simply leaves more questions than answers about the platform and I'm not budging until things become clearer!

  • Over the next few weeks I'm going to sell pretty much my whole portfolio and withdraw everything I've put in and just play with the profit. I've deposited £11k since April and with the losses I've made since this announcement I might still have £4k profit, maybe a little more. I know that's really good compared to banks etc but stunts like this have massively dented my confidence in the platform. I had a portfolio planned out to an extent which was then hammered when they decide to move the goalposts. I then didn't invest in any cheap strikers because the info I read said it only applied to futures bought after the 20th which isn't the case if you read it elsewhere. I know it's gambling but this isn't the sort of place I want to leave my money.

    I was considering when to start withdrawing but this has made my decision for me.

  • @Comrade

    Yeah, I've done a similar thing. 30% withdrawn so far and more will follow when the time is right - I'm hoping for some early goals in the Man Utd v Chelsea match, so I can dump more players (i.e. when others buy into them chasing the 2p goal dividend).

    Months of research down the drain, with good young defenders and midfielders (some of whom will be moving clubs in January or July). I could have held them at a loss and hoped for their prices to recover in December. But there is no guarantee that will happen and if FI extend this promotion (or introduce another poorly thought out promotion), then whose to say that their prices won't drop further. Not worth the risk.

  • @Comrade Just sold up and cleared my account too, cash as well. Had mostly defenders, and who knows what would happen to their prices once these trial dividends on goalscorers start paying out over the next few weeks. I have left a nominal one share of each, just to easily check price swings, but I'm staying on the outside looking in for now. Has left a nasty taste. Not re-investing till I see which way this whole nonsense is going.

  • I wonder to what extent the guys at FI follow what their customers are saying. I'd like to think that they have noticed a significant amount of money pulled out today but who knows. They may be blinded by their rose tinted commission spectacles. I guess only time will tell but from what the consensus is on the forums and twitter a lot of confidence has been lost.

    If I wanted this kind of gambling I wouldnt have signed up as a 2p pay out per goal doesnt make for great odds!

    "what is your football knowledge worth" seemingly not a lot as spotting emerging talent is no longer the way to make money on here

  • FI dropped a knee jerk idea on us, I've responded with my own and taken my money out.

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