Scoring system is flawed

  • So Lyon are playing Monaco at present and we have two midfielders from the index both playing for Monaco,
    Tielemans and Lemar.
    At the time of writing it is half time and Tielemans is an unused sub and Lemar is clearly having a poor game.
    Tielemans has 0 and Lemar has -2.
    so if Tielemans is unused come the end and Lemar doesn't get his finger out he could well lose out to Tielemans on 0 points.
    I find this strange that a player in "performance buzz" can win from the bench, since to have a gradable performance you must by definition play.
    So Lemar has been deducted 5 points for each of the 2 goals that Monaco have conceded, yes Tielemans hasn't been playing so you could argue that he shouldn't be penalised for something he can not affect from the bench, but ten equally if Monaco win and he remains on the bench he is credited 18 points for a win.
    Surely it whould be one way or the other?
    Tielemans is having his cake and eating it too.
    Before you ask, yes I am holding a small amount of shares in Lemar at present but that's beside the point.

  • Yep, it not perfect but it's consistent. Which is more important

  • Its the same for strikers against defenders....if a striker scores two goals in a game he could still lose out on the PB to a defender that makes 30-40 passes during a game!!

  • Alves and Tiago Silva were both benched near the start of the season. 0 points each.
    TS won because he's a little younger.

    Suck it up, understand it and adapt. Youth is the equivalent of goal difference.

  • If a player who is playing gets minus points then I don't really think they deserve to win PB. They must have a really bad game to get less than someone not even playing, hence you can't really argue they should win performance buzz

  • I wouldn't worry about it - when penny stocks come in this obviously can't happen.

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