Lets just take a step back

  • Ok to start i'm not a big time investor and by no means an expert on this and learning all the time. (Approx £500 invested with a 35% roi, so very small time).
    So from looking at this new promo at the start and quickly it doesn't look good, and it seems defenders and non-scoring midfielders are going down in price (please correct me if I'm wrong), but why is this? because at the end of the day nothing has changed, they can still win PB and MB! Things have just got a little better for the more attacking minded player.
    People are moaning that all the research into younger players is pointless but why should this change? if anything you can prob get them a little cheaper at the moment and so should stick to your strategy!
    Me personally im going to carry on with my approach and lets be honest this is only a trial so might not even last to December!!
    Good Luck and keep the faith!

  • @NewUser63137 The reason as I see it is, it unbalances the market. The reason the non attack minded and younger players has dropped right now is money is moving around the market. People selling them to buy attackers. Which would be fine if this was a new dividend that is around forever. The market would just re-balance. Money would rush to the attackers with the extra pay outs now, then new money would start buying the under value non attack minded players to bring them back up to value and the market would be more so top heavy with attackers, which it is now anyway.

    But if this new promo mentality is here to stay, the market will never re-balance to just keep moving to the next promo, so planning if a player will get a move, will progress well become much less valuable to spot, as his value when you want to sell will be determined by what promo is running and I think most people enjoyed that more than chasing a quick quid.

  • @NewUser63137 it's because there'll be better places to hold money now. The main issue is the 'better places' will change too frequently.

    Yes, your Player A will be just as likely to get MB or PB but when the market sees that Player B has two easy home games in the next 30 days, the money will be less likely to sit in Player A and will move to Player B. The 30 days end and the market chases the next big thing.

    Its nowhere near that simple, I know. But for me and I've seen a few people say the same - it's not short termism that made me sign up.

    For what it's worth, it's a great business move but I won't be shocked if there's a whole shift in customer type if this is the future.

  • You are correct , although strategies of trading may need to be tweaked ( pending on reactions over next few days / weeks) . Prices on defenders will raise again( they do score goals too !!) as and when this current storm settles . It may well work that prices will raise across the board as futures in certain positions will increase in demand and yes there will be yoyo movements in markets . There will be a) the trader as it is which FI life shouldn't change too drastically
    And b) the flippers / chasers which will make very good losses by chasing 2p a goal ?????
    Its meant to be a bonus on top of PB and MB - which remain as does GROWTH !!

    I welcome comments as i see a lot of very negative in the last 2 hours

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