You can buy a player after they scored, and still earn the dividends!!!

  • How mad is that! Match days will be madness!

    Not happy my portfolio is down mind, it's not just the defenders either. Some people have obviously lost faith

  • 2p dividends. 2 per cent commission to FI before the spread. It's not as good. Imagine you buy a player who is 2.50, who scored 2. 4p dividends. 2% of 2.50 is 5p.

    The spread could be 7p. Kick in the dick. Maybe a rocket in the price means you sell for a minor profit before midnight, don't receive the dividends and pay commission on top.

    Not the announcement that was "bigger than a share split".

  • Yeah, I do understand that. But if you already owe one of those players who score, you'll make a fair bit off the capital.

    I'd rather of had different dividends structure than the one we've been given. Volitility will serve FI well

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