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  • Am i the only one that thinks the general response to these new dividend payments is a massive over reaction. Im new to the platform and maybe being slightly naive, but i still think trusting in capital appreciation/ MB and PB wins is a more profitable strategy than banking on players to grab goals for the sake of 2p dividends within a TRIAL period of just over a month?!

  • if anything, this will more than likely attract new users.... more users = increased capital appreciation in the long run (once/ if the market begins to settle down). Please correct me if im being naive

  • I agree. Unfortunately the bulk of traders don’t appear to have realised this, hence why so much money has been pulled out of so many players who aren’t forwards.

  • @ocs123 just seems as if this 'massive announcement' is not actually that massive in football index trading terms in that it shouldn't have shocked the market as much as it has if everyone was a bit more rational and patient

  • I agree. However while this promo is on. Lets say I drop some new money in the index. I have £20, I look at milinkovic-savic and think young, maybe some transfer MB, I feel is one for the future and a bit undervalue. While his MB and PB would be unaffected, his capital appreciation will be, because i'm more then likely going to think. 5 SMS if he wins a PB 25-80p say or 40 50p random striker that can win me 80p per goals without having to have a worldie of a game to win a real PB. Then I would look to dupe him before the promo is up and move into the next hottest thing the promo dictates.

  • @NewUser156777

    I don't have any issue with FI moving the goalposts, tweaking the rules and the product evolving over time.

    I do however, have massive issues with todays events and how poorly the change was implemented.

    The amount of mistakes that have been made in the last 24 hours are unforgivable. Whether this was deliberate or sheer incompetence, I don't know.

    I am a massive believer in this product, but my faith in the company and my trust in the people running it, took a massive dent today.

  • @johnboywalker I agree with this 100%
    Not against the extra dividends, how it was done, shocking..!!!

  • @Misto I see what you are saying! really hope FI maintains the aspect of long term holds to make money, as i dont want to be spending hours every day waiting for the moment to pounce, buy a player, wait for a quick rise and get rid again! i think FI would lose a lot of users if this was the case

  • @johnboywalker

    Can you explain more? I’ve been at work so I haven’t seen it unfold!


  • Basically they are going to give dividends to GK's from next month. (joke, FFS dont buy GK's)

  • @johnboywalker

    I'd also be interested to know what you think they did poorly.

  • @APH said in Over reaction:


    Can you explain more? I’ve been at work so I haven’t seen it unfold!


    Haha, you winding me up mate?? My thumbs have just about fallen off, with the amount of time I've spent on the forum moaning today.

    So here's the summarised version. (Rant alert)

    I received an ambiguous email around 2pm from FI, which stated 'important info about football index dividends' would be delivered at 6pm.

    Users began to speculate and started throwing cash into goalkeepers. This speculation was deliberately fuelled by an FI employee on Twitter @mikeb_FI. A few hours later (about 4pm), he back tracked and appeared to suggest goalkeepers would not be the subject of the announcement, and ridiculed whoever 'leaked' the rumour.

    Multiple users began to lose money, having invested in goalkeepers, which were now dropping fast. For the record, FI will have made a shitload of cash from this.

    Then comes the big news. 6pm. A new dividend structure (which seems a decent idea in theory).

    Not everyone received the email (myself included). The terms and conditions of the offer stated it starts on 20/10/2018. Then on other official paperwork from FI, it stated the offer was valid from 16/10/2018. The right arm didn't know what the left arm was doing.

    Users bought, sold, panicked, sold and bought some more. Again, FI will have made another mountain of cash from this.

    Eventually, things appear to have calmed and the market is settling.

    As for me, well, to relax, I like to sit in multiple stress positions and listen to white noise.

  • You have done well John it took me about 1 hour to compose my rant which resembles a conspiracy theory in the Honest Assessment link!

    Did forget to add that at 5.50pm a Lee B spent around 15k on Mbabbe, Neymar, Messi and Dybala which does mow look a little fishy or he has great perception skills!

  • @Fletch

    Did forget to add that at 5.50pm a Lee B spent around 15k on Mbabbe, Neymar, Messi and Dybala which does mow look a little fishy or he has great perception skills!

    That's filth

  • @Fletch "lee B" is probs someone who works in Head office, or just Mike B under a pseudonym

  • @Fletch @johnboywalker and here's my theory. Of all those twitter polls, Adam and the guys were only concerned about the answer to one question. After finding out that 50% of their users used to bet regularly, the bomb of goal & assist dividends were introduced knowing they would rake in commission from these thrill seeking users. Smart move

  • @NewUser156777 Not a smart move as people have seen through it and do not like it generally.

  • The reaction reminds me to the announcement of the starting of IPOs last year. First everyone was complaining and ranting but now everyone wants to have IPOs (new players on the platform) :-) :-)

  • @NewUser38991 yep, but find me one person who is HAPPY about how IPOs work mate?!!

  • @Mundek its was not about how it works, it was about doing IPOs at that time!!! Now I think everyone wants to have IPOs, despite the fact that not everyone is happy how its been done .....

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