Are you up or down?

  • I think today's events have been a bit of a disaster for the Index. It has created an increasingly volatile platform, has de-valued its existing customers, and has created an attacking player skewed index which has ruined thousands of people's work and research in creating a well balanced portfolio.

    Question I wanted to ask was, how has it affected your portfolio?

    I hold a portfolio of around 30 players, and have deposited a grand total of £1200 of my own money. (I joined around 2 months ago)

    I've seen steady growth of around £2 or £3 a day and have picked up £16 in dividends. At 5pm today, my daily growth was £31, which was obviously just down to people investing more in anticipation of the big announcement. Since then, it has dipped to £19 profit for the day. So, since the announcement I have lost £14, just over 1% of my portfolio value.

    However, reading some of the posts on here, I feel I may have got off lightly, mainly because I have around 30% of my shares in just 2 players, Hazard and Mbappe.

    So how is your portfolio looking? Up or down on this time yesterday?

  • Up , loads, well happy with today, love it.

  • Up and still rising

  • Cracking day 1.6 % up.

  • @NewUser112887 Around 60 players up 2.25% today. Will be looking to sell off some players I've been looking at selling for awhile if they happen to score a goal and rocket during a match.

  • Up by around 1.5 % but only because of Mbappe & Messi
    all my defenders / midfielders & up and coming players which had previously been steadily climbing have taken a hit.

  • Up about 0.5% if we use 48 hour ago as the starting point. Got ever so slightly burned on goalkeeper rumours and happy I sold after seeing the twitter posts around 3 pm.

    Although, unlike some, I realise I speculated.. I took that risk and I am willing to accept the slight loss.

  • Initially flew up, then crashed back down and now settled a little bit up over the course of this evening!

  • 3% down... the worst single day I’ve had on the Index since I joined 12 months ago...

  • 0_1539815234289_johnny-cash-poster__small.jpg 5ft hign an rising ;-)

  • Down. Was at £23,780. Now at £23,280. Lost £500. I think Mike Bohan is funny when he said it is better than a share split. Not for me it seems haha. I think people took money out the youngsters I hold to plough into goalscorers.

  • Up by 3% on the 24hr chart, but that doesn't win me over or anything.

  • I had to IS a shit load of futures on 2 defenders and a championship player with losses which was annoying, but overall my portfolio is more than it was b4 this chaos, only because I had Mbappe and Sterling and even topped up on those players and invested in a couple of £3ish goalscoring futures.

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