This is actually extremely complicated!

  • I think this new dividend system is exceptionally complicated and ill-thought out and simply serves to highlight that FI are in desperate need of alternative revenue streams.

    Just so we're all on the same page this is how I understand this new feature to work;

    • You a buy a player who is then eligible for GA (goal + assist) divs for 30 days
    • You can buy him at 23:59 on day1 and be eligible for any GA divs attained on day1
    • You can sell at 00:00 on day 2 if you wish and be eligible for GA divs attained on day1
    • You get paid all your GA divs attained in a calendar month (notice different from day1 - day30) on the 1st of the next month
    • Obviously you have to have held the player for the entirety of any given day to be eligible for any GA div attained that day (except day1, discussed above). For example if you sold at 21:30 on day6 then you would only receive GA divs attained from day1 - day5.

    OK, so lets give a full example;

    • I buy 1 share of 1 player on 16th Jan (this is day1)
    • This share is eligible for GA divs until 14th Feb (day30, hopefully my maths is good)
    • He scores on 19th Jan, 26th Jan, 2nd Feb and 9th Feb
    • However, I sold on 7th Feb
    • I receive 4p on 1st Feb (for goals 1 and 2) and 2p on 1st March (for goal 3, nothing received for goal 4 as I wasn't holding at the time)

    All this means is we effectively have 2 portfolios now. First is the long term one you already had which is eligible for MB and PB divs, and second is actually a collection of smaller portfolios (could just be 1 player) that is the list of players you bought on any given 'day1', expires after 30 days and is eligible for GA, PB and MB divs!

    So... who's confused :P

  • @Blue-Python I don't see any confusion, but it's ridiculous to have to wait until beginning of the following month, these dividends could have been re-invested which is costing traders and FI money surely.

  • surely waiting to the end of the month is just for the trial period tho, if it is kept long term then all payments would need to be together for simplicity.

  • Dont overthink it.

    If you buy a player and they score or assist in the next 30 day you get a dividend. There you go.

    Anything can be complicated if you let it be.

  • I don't think it's complicated but then i have the IQ of over a 100 PE teachers...

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