Just a Cracking Idea

  • I think it is anyway. This dividends idea is not bad, but it undermines the whole idea of a long term portfolio on a stock market and smells like FI trying to rake in commission. I won't rant, I've done enough for 10 hours.

    However, I do like the idea of having futures for just one month.. consider it a mid term bet as opposed to the short one at Willy Hill and the long one on FI.

    And there is the problem of a general consensus (it seems) being that not many people want the Beta site.

    Why not keep the "Alpha" site as it is and develop it with share splits and dividend increases whilst using the Beta site for the 30 day long futures. I'd definitely invest in both. Like Tesco Extra compared to you're warehouse size supermarket. It gives FI the short term cash cow as well as the long term foundation and it gives the consumer the opportunity to do both without colouring between the lines and complicating something great.

  • Nope, not for me.

  • Not worth it if your player doesnt score many.think salahs price and supposed form.or kane vs cardiff returning no dividends.people will chop and change like ff except will lose real money.

  • Im hoping my shares on frankfurts haller 3 days ago see him bag a brace tomorrow and hundreds of people make him a £2 plus player overnight.opps for holders,when goals go in people are going to go beserk.watch the price of a defender the first time one scores

  • Haller's clearly doing a smashing job so your advertising is redundant her pal.

    A lot of people on twitter said that it opens the market to the millions on ff so maybe it's the aim.

  • Its important to remember ...

    Who pays for our profits ?

    Money has to come from somewhere. At the moment its new money but ultimately every penny made my me or you or FI has to come out of someone's pockets. Whose ?

    Probably the best source of cash is the short term traders chasing the thrill. Ultimately I reckon that they will be the losers and they will be paying our bills and FI bills.

    People need to think about this before bashing ideas that encourage short term traders. Its not so much biting the hand that feeds you more like asking for the hand to be banned.

  • @mike778 were you at the recent meet?

  • @mike778 jumps out loud and clear to me for FI -Commission. Its guaranteed money that they get and which we as punters do not. They'll have done better than anyone yesterday.

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