In red v in green

  • So as I write this there are 90 players from top 200 in the green (including plus or minus zero) and obviously 110 in the red, from what I've noticed previous to the announcement it's very similar, so it's all about getting lucky with who you've got, the biggest negative being players that people generally hold mainly for MB, Pogba being the obvious name, but for anybody holding the obvious big boys i only see smiles, let's remember the normal PB and MB haven't changed so surely your players value shouldn't change in your mind, and let's say you have Hazard, Mbappe, Neymar or Messi and someone bangs in a hat trick, well done because the fish will come like Piranhas and it's not going to be so easy to IS after midnight with such a big spread, this is going to be very entertaining no matter what we think of the idea.

  • @Andy-M definite upside for those holding goalscorers/assist makers already and will see their price rise by more than the dividend if they bag a few.

  • @Weedster yup, I'm sure many traders will agree with me and many will also disagree, I'm guessing there are so many different factors depending on the portfolio, just like giving my opinion and love hearing other traders opinions 😁

  • Am I right to think that Surely those already holding the big goal scorers/assist will have to sell and re buy for them to be eligible for the dividends. ?

  • They are obviously trying to get people to sell players by dangling a carrot.

    There is to much money in the top players, people must have thousands upon thousands in Neymar and messi from when PB first came out, FI now want a slice of it.

    Who in their right mind though is going to sell Neymar and then buy him back for 2p a goal.

    Sheep following the goals will make no money either once they then sell the player due to commission.

    They really should have just come up with a defender goalkeeper scenario and the money would get split more evenly across the board becuase now its going to get more skewed than ever. Traders would have invested MORE money if that had happened, they wont now.

  • @NewUser174103 thats correct, the only upside from my point of view is the rise in players i already hold due to this...i will not be buying for the sake of these dividends

  • @NewUser174103 yes you are right, but this isn't only about the new dividends right ?? If you are holding and 100 people throw money at that player then obviously his price booms, and not everyone is daft enough to dump if the sums don't add up at midnight, i could be wrong, that's what makes this so interesting, remember ppl are talking about buying at 23:59, bullshatt...if let's say Mbappe scored a hat trick at 5pm, do you think people will wait until 23:59, as i see it, he scores 1 and people jump on him, everyone else sees the rise and jumps on ASAP, it's going to be flashing lights everywhere if the goals are flying in 🤣🤣

  • @Andy-M fair point but then who’s going to be buying players at £15 in order for a 2 p div return for those holding prices to go up.

  • @NewUser174103 nobody i their right state of mind would buy @15£ to make 0.02p but they prob will at anything under a£1

  • @NewUser174103 the same people that bought yesterday without a care in the world my friend 😁

  • @GI let's wait and see

  • My portfolio is red vs red with a splash of green at the moment, only saved by the fact I bought Mbappe and Messi when I first signed up.

    I think we all need to look past the aesthetics though. Yeah I am down on a lot of defenders, but did I plan on selling them in the next few weeks anyway? the answer is no, normal service will resume. It just always annoys me buying a at a price then knowing they dropped and I could have got them cheaper haha

    From my own experience though chasing dividends is dangerous, buy in anticipation of what someone will do in a set timeframe. Buying after the event could be costly! Look at everyone that bought Sancho at £6 for example

    Sometimes we need to look past the now and work towards the future as thats where the money is.

  • aaargghhh just got to hate myself and love football and this FI stuff, couldn't help myself and just bought a few futures in Phillip Max to try and win these daft dividends on the cheap,,,,shameful plug also for a wing back who both scores and assists so there...

  • I've only just started but my thoughts are that I will use this Goal/assist dividend as nothing more than a nice bonus if it happens. I'm not going to sell any player after 30 days and then purchase him me that's nuts!!!


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