Goal / Assist Bonus

  • So who has everyone bought with this new goal/assist bonus?

  • Isaac success and that’s it.
    A cheapie who will hopefully rise a bit.
    Pretty low risk.

  • Watford have a relatively easy run of games during the trial period so I opted for Andre Gray who is relatively cheap aswell, hoping he can bag a few.

  • @NewUser158302 Yedder, Andrá Silva, Benzema, De Bruyne, Sterling, Mbappe.. some bought some topped up.

  • Finboggasan.. and I only brought him because I had to sell the goalkeepers i brought following selling Jamie Vardy!!!!!

  • already hold 25 hallers of eintracht, I wont be paid goal bonuses if he scores a couple tomorrow but if he does then I expect load of people to scramble and buy in to get the amazing 2p dividends. price will shoot up and I like that!

  • i sold a player who doesnt score goals Fran Beltran and bought someone who might...Phillip Max, who'll assist Finboggasan as well hopefully. Not much risk taken.

  • Decided to give FI new format a try instead of withdrawing it all. So 50% withdrawn and 50% on low value players who have been scoring goals or assists.

    Jose Holebas
    Andre Han
    Bobby Wood

    See what happens over the next month and decide if I want to deposit any more end of November.

  • @Weedster I think i'm going to completely ignore the goals and assists fiasco. MB and PB still exists and the players I bought into will rise if they score. I can take of leave the 2p div that comes with it. If someone scores a goal and I bought within the time frame then happy days, I don't want to be caught up in the merry-go-round of buying and selling as largely the only winner is FI.

    I certainly wont be selling a guy I got at £7 to buy again at £13 so that I can get 2p every time he scores a goal

  • @Wilba hear what you're saying mate and that was my initial thoughts but I just couldn't help myself. I don't think I'll change my original strategy much other than who I buy or sell will factor in the new scenario. And obviously react to the volatility it brings.

  • There is a nice article about breel embolo in bundesliga.com. Coming back to form and getting better. £1.54 could prick some ears up.

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