Risk or reward

  • Is the risk greater that the reward

    You have a 30 day period in which your chosen player qualifies for the 2p goal and 0.5p assist dividends, so you do your research and find a player with a good run of fixtures in a PB league, plays in Europe and in the Nations league within those 30 days.

    If your research is good and you are in fairly quick on the player you will most probably get some capital appreciation on them with other traders buying a little later than yourself, if you were to sell now is this the only way you could potentially benefit from this?

    In them 30 days your player could have 5 goals and 2 assists given you 11p return which is good but it's very unlikely a sub £3 player will produce that kind of form, even the likes of the big boys won't hit that often so taking into account commission I struggle to see which players you can make profit from other than sub £2.

    Injuries, what if your player gets injured, the players price will plummet and your purchase for the 30 days ahead are out of the window depending on the length of the injury, it's not like KDB where he will rise as people are looking to the long term. Who is going to buy a injured cheap striker for the long run? Not many.

    IMO the best thing to do with this is not change your strategy at all, the MB and PB rewards are far greater and safer to play for than this. If you buy a player and he scores within your 30 day window that's great and lovely added bonus but I don't see the benefits of chasing these dividends.

    Long and short of this, buy for the long run, I think it's going to be very hard to make profit within those 30 days if you are to buy and sell. Buy the player and hope he had a good first month after your purchase. Don't sell, invest not gamble.

  • I've not sold and i'm not changing my strategy.. I've brought 20 shares in one player (because I ballsed up on goalkeepers) and I wanted to test the water...

    But what I see now is volatility... Friday night Maxi Gomez scores two and his price shoots up with investors wanting to earn as many 4p's as they can.... I'm not even sure if you can then sell your player and still be paid up on the divi's? it all sounds amateurish and rushed to me??? If they can sell though they will... sparking a downward spike and everyone then moves on to the next guy.. Lewandowski scores a hat-trick... bang bang bang... He's up to ridiculous money... then time to cash out.. down down down... then he gets injured... out for a month... everyone gets rid as he's no use... all of a sudden from being £6 he's worth 60p???

    And we are expected to do this with 100 other goalscorers from the weekends games??? the market is going to be a complete F*CK UP!!!

    I wonder if soon.. the only reliable players to invest in is the Tahith Chongs and Rhian Brewster's of this world as at least if they aren't playing they won't be seeing huge falls week in week out!!!!

  • I'm sitting this out, no more deposits for me while this trial is on just very closely going to monitor

  • @B1992G Wise man, why pay to go in when you can look for nothing?

  • @Ollie I could play but I'll stick to my normal strategy, I don't want to load my portfolio with goal scoring attackers for the trial to not be successful or for the next phase to be clean sheet bonuses and get a little burnt on my attackers.

    This is a lesson, so diverse your portfolio with defs/mids and attackers as even as you can, we don't know what curve ball FI will throw next, so as long as you are diverse your risk of getting hurt are minimal .

  • @B1992G It's possible the scheme will extend to defenders as well and that both run together. But the catch may be that you have to buy in every month sort of thing to participate?

  • @Ollie maybe, but even so I won't be selling any buying for 2p divs for a 30 day period. Makes much more sense to buy for the long run and the first 30 days is a bonus if they return any goal/assist/clean sheet divs.

    It could offer better chances to sell too after your 30 days has ended other people will be entering 30 days on that player, so if you play your cards right and like to trade, sell on the spikes, re buy on the dips to start your 30 days again

  • @Ollie
    This "buy in every 30 days" thing is absolute bulls**t if it becomes adopted - it will be almost impossible to track.
    Like I've said in a previous post, when you buy shares in Tesco you get dividends pretty much every year and YOU DONT NEED TO SELL AND REBUY THEM EVERY YEAR TO QUALIFY!

    My assumption is that the they've said it has to be new shares that qualify for this 30 trial so that everyone is on a level playing field at the start - if the trial was just implemented and included those shares we already owned then there would be a HUGE advantage for those with the most money who already held the top attacking players (Neymar, Messi, Mbappe etc).

    I hope they do keep this Goal and assist dividend going forward but also introduce a clean sheet one too. And no 30 day bull shine

  • I have got Vardy in, and that is about it. Purely out of curiosity, and relatively low risk.

    I do not intend to change my strategy at all. I think the cornerstone of good investment has been to stick to your guns and follow your strategy, and in the past, deviating from that is what has stung me.

    It's only 30 days. Nothing in terms of time, and i expect markets will normalize come December.

  • @Hungry-Singh agree, no reason to change strategy.

  • @dannypea yes you qualify for the payout as long as you held player until midnight.then sell the shares if you wish.think ballsup bohan tweeted that

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