How Damaging was the announcement

  • After reading Forums, Twitter etc there seems to be nothing but negative feedback from the vast majority of Customers.

    I know a few people including myself have pulled money out.

    I wonder how many have left completely. How many have de-risked, has anyone actually invested more???

    Personally on pay day I was going to double my investment instead l have halved it.

    Just how many of you have pulled funds???

  • @Comrade the footy is up +700. So there is more money in the index than before ....

  • @Comrade I've done nothing at present but considering reducing what I have invested and like you, was planning of investing more.

    I raised this issue with FI (people leaving and taking money out) so hopefully they listen!

  • @NewUser38991

    Is the footie not just the value of the top 200????

  • @Comrade no I dont think so....

  • I've withdrawn 40% in the last 24 hours.

    I think we'll see a degree of pull back in the Footie figure tomorrow (it always runs a day behind). Plus 700 points up is not really that great, it was over 1,500 points up on the day when the July deposit bonus was announced (i.e. long before the bonus itself was paid).

    Had FI increased normal MB and PB dividends by 1p or 2p, I think we would have seen far more growth overall and across almost all players.

  • is the footie not up on the last 24 hours? which included a sh*t load of goalkeepers pumped and dumped and a load of investment from selling your Harvey Barnes & Mason Mounts and turning them in to Glenn Murray?

    I know all my portfolio has done today has slowly dropped in value since it's initial rise last night!

    I've not yet pulled funds but from waking up this morning thinking i'm going to whack a big stack in today I'm now holding off until i see a couple of weekends and how the market reacts? The issue is 'after' the trial will things go back to normal or won't they? so because of this trial I now might just wait until its over before I invest... wonder how many would also think like that???

  • @dannypea

    Good questions.

    If the trial is made permanent or extended, then it makes sense to buy forwards now. But if it isn't, many of them (certainly the cheaper forwards) will drop in value at some point.

    Likewise if a clean sheet promo (i doubt it, but who knows) is coming in December, then it would make sense to pour money into defenders. But if that doesn't happen and the goal bonus is extended or made permanent, then the defenders will likely drop further.

    Plus we have the unknown of Order Books. From what I've heard, they will probably be good news for high value players and may decrease the spread when compared to the current IS arrangements. But what about cheap players and cheap forwards who people are currently pouring money into! How do you sell your Glenn Murray's if the promo ends and Order Books are in place (presumably there will be very few "buyers" around) ? Maybe there will be a market maker offering a fair price, maybe not. Who knows?

  • They will chop and change, defenders will be next, they cant just shunt them to one side.

    They are just going to make people trade more.

    I guess we can still pick and choose the best moments to buy and sell but maybe more often.

  • @ocs123 I think doubling it would have been even better. When max player price was around £6 they doubled PB 1 year ago. Now they are £16. Why not double it again?

  • @HappyLarry59855 i agree now is a very good time to buy!!! Cause the sentiment of the people here in the forum is very bad, and its a sign that prices are low.....

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