More chances to earn?

  • I'm quite ambiguous about the new goal/assist dividend...

    Initially I was fuming and I am still unhappy about the fact defenders are now generally viewed as worthless (although they still have a PB section so it's worth holding a couple of decent ones if you can).
    And I am also annoyed that my investment strategy of acquiring young prospects for the very near future has been completely turned on its head, it's almost a pointless task now.

    However, one real positive to take on board is this...
    Correct me if I'm wrong but before yesterday's announcement, on a normal matchday, you only had FIVE chances to earn a dividend (PB X 4 and MB X 1). Ok their value is overall more than 2p/0.5p per share but still, just FIVE chances to earn some pennies on your investment.
    Now, however, there are pretty much UNCAPPED chances to earn dividends every matchday AND still have the higher paying five PB/MB dividends available too!

    So, previously when I was looking for a quick profit (not impinging on my long-term youth investment quota) I'd have to make a choice between the Pogbas or Ramsays for media buzz, or the Hazards/Mbappes/Neymars for PB...
    BUT NOW when I look at the top 200 and the rest, I see genuine earning potential in SO MANY MORE PLAYERS (besides defenders / GK 😡) .

    Yes, after the goals have gone in and people have sold at midnight then of course prices will tumble..but then when it approaches the next game they will inevitably rise again.

    I think this TRIAL could be half-decent, exciting, volatile and I'm glad I am here to be part of it. If it is adopted permanently, so be it. If it is ADAPTED to better suit long term investors somehow, even better. If it is scrapped, no problem. Either way, FI pisses all over any betting site and I love it. It's a rollercoaster and I'm going along for the ride 😆

  • It's a joke though..u have to buy shares and they are valid for 30 days of goal and assist dividends then if u want them to remain active u have to sell and rebuy which is going to leave you at a loss given the commission. It seems like a pure gimmick for more money for FI. Only makes sense as a one off purchase bonus and certainly not sustainable for sell and rebuy for eligibility....unless you are buying cheap players where the commission isn't as expensive.

  • My tactic is to load up on a few and hold. Wait for the next gimmick where they will rise again and then cash out.

  • @NewUser178248
    I was under the assumption that the 30-day hold is only because it's a trial period.
    I figured if I buy 100 shares in Paco Alcacer, I get goal/assist dividends for AS LONG AS HE KEEPS SCORING and I KEEP HOLDING.
    If I buy shares in Tesco and I get dividends after the first year, I don't have to sell and rebuy them to get dividends the second year.
    It's an absolute joke if the sell to rebuy thing is going to be permanent. That's a platform killer for me

  • @NewUser181637 I agree. If the dividend is made so we keep receiving dividends for however long we hold the player then I am all in. If we have to sell and buy back each month then I am firmly out.

  • @NewUser181637 maybe it is for the trial and that's fair enough but they wording of that tweet from Mike B suggested it was every 30 days i.e. if you bought players on Oct 16th then they wouldn't earn you those dividends on Nov 17th...and so on! So little transparency it's crazy!! Could turn around tomorrow and say 3p for every penalty a keeper saves!

  • @NewUser178248 SOOOOOO you're saying buy keepers?

  • Hahaha nothing bad can come from speculation in GKs..right? 😁

  • Hi,
    Whats happen if after 30 days trial FI will say they are happy with that and then put another promo with defenders - clean sheet & goal scored 2p/0,5p (and goalkeepers included of course- so everyone happy about it)?
    After that they will keep them forever - so instead dividend go up for second, third places paid we will see that...??

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