Defenders have still value!!!!

  • “Football index’s announcement didn’t mean that traders HAD to sell their defenders. Defenders can still earn PB and MB, traders just panicked and bought Glenn Murray 😂. When he inevitably drops is that #FootballIndex fault as well?“ copied from a twitter post.

  • @NewUser38991 They didn't have to, but it makes sense to. Yes defenders still have MB/PB, however the attackers have MB and PB as well the advantage they are much more likely to win the extra dividend. So people are moving there fund into what they see as better value.

    I agree people are going to get burned at the end of this promo when the prices drop back down, and they work out after the commissions from selling their defenders and the drop in price of the attacker and then the commission on sale of the attacker, they are way behind on any extra goal dividend they won in the time frame. Only the super early movers are in a good position right now.

  • @Misto hi,
    Do you think nxt promo gonna be about defenders - clean sheet&goal scored...?

  • @Mundek No idea mate. Your guess is as good as mine. I was on the phone to FI earlier today, was told all the managers have been in meeting all day, I wasn't surprised lol.

    If they think after the trail is up and the markets have calmed down, and they view it as a success. Moving the bonus payments to be weighted towards DF players would be a logical step. Especially the volatility around keepers, as we got a little preview of yesterday.

  • @Misto
    ...if after 30 days trial FI will say they are happy with that and then put another promo with defenders - clean sheet & goal scored 2p/0,5p (and goalkeepers included of course- so everyone happy about it)!
    After that they will keep them forever - so instead dividend go up for second, third places paid we will see that...??

  • The thing that makes my doubt it will happen is that a clean sheet promo period would see people pulling money out of Neymar, Messi, Hazard and other big money players and pumping it into defenders.

    I’m not sure that FI would want to see a decline in the top players, because it would be rather embarrassing for them and cause even more panic in the market.

  • @ocs123 Agree with that. I think if the top end where there are much larger holding in each player took a hit like the bottom just did. It could have a snowball effect and start to decent crash.

  • This post is deleted!

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