Greatest football quote ever from Eintract Frankfurt!

  • In the build up to Eintract Frankfurt vs Fortuna Dussledorf the Frankfurt boss has dropped a BOMBSHELL.

    We can now add Adi Hütter to the long list of great orators. In common with Churchill's wartime monologues or Henry V's rousing battle speech at Agincourt come's the Eintract Franfurt managers incredible words and audacious use of social media.

    We often see a manager rest on their laurels, but not Old Adi, being the wordsmith he is decided to roll out some much needed inspiration 7 games into a fiercely contested Bundesliga. Drawing on all of his years of experience and knowledge of how to fire up his players he delivered this message via twitter today:

    "Stay focused on our work" – Adi Hütter's key quotes ahead of facing Düsseldorf.

    BOOM and Adi drops the mic...

  • that reminds me.... I have a shed load of emails to get back to......

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