Matchday Is Back

  • It's Friday!!!

    After 11 days of MB and people losing interest around day 9 due to a couple of little changes around here.... We finally have a PB day and something 'positive' to look forward to....

    Tonight Lyon host Nimes, Eintracht Frankfurt play Dusseldorf and Celta Vigo are at home to Alaves...

    Usually I would ask who are your DF/MF/FW PB bets for the evening but I would also be interested to know... Does this new 'thing' change your strategy at all? Every now and again I would have a little flutter, a quick 20 or so shares on a low priced player to see if I could get any extra dividends but tonight, and this weekend i'm staying completely clear until i know what i'm getting myself in for at least. So what is your strategy tonight? Do you buy in to the goalscorer thing? Do you still chase your usual PB's? or do you stay clear like me???

    Those of you who want to have a guess regardless... Please do so... My predictions are...

    DF: Hugo Mallo (Celta)
    MF: Bouffal (Celta)
    FW: Dembele (Lyon)

    Goalscoring/Assist Banker: Sebastian Haller (Frankfurt)

  • @dannypea Benito Raman at Dusseldorf has an unfeasibley small head. This Belgian forward dynamo created havoc in the second tier of German football last year by ordering Fries WITHOUT mayonaisse!!! (oh and scored some goals as well)

    He's some sort of freaky Maverick and thusly is a bargain at 1.01p

  • Def: Araujo - Celta
    Mid: Aouar - Lyon
    Att: Jovic - Frankfurt

  • @Lukeroro
    Araujo red card last time so he is banned... Right?
    Anyway lots of players injured at Lyony, specially forward so some chances for Maxwell Cornet? 🤔
    And Rebic red card so Jovic my choice for FW too :)

  • DEF - Danny Da Costa (Frankfurt)
    MID - Aouar (Lyon)
    FWD - Haller (Frankfurt)

  • Ndicka

    Looking forward to seeing what effect this offer has during games...

  • @Indexical That stupid Fekir has to be Dembele or Depay right?

  • Sebastien Haller for me tonight, 3 goals and 4 assists in 7 Bundesliga games 1.43

  • @Mundek jovic listed as unlikely to play for whatever reason.its all about haller tonight!😀

  • @Finlay77 said in Matchday Is Back:

    @Mundek jovic listed as unlikely to play for whatever reason.its all about haller tonight!😀


  • Rebic is suspended so if Jovic is out as well then Haller looks even better value

  • @Mundek
    Tousart got sent off

  • If it's true that all these important players are missing then maybe you should also give that game a miss, not many ppl on the La Liga match ... Alaves have been excellent this season and there is some very cheap players that could be worth a punt.. Gomez 106p... Sobrino 63p.... Calleri 79p myself it's the most expensive of the 3, but obviously you can wait for a goal and jump on asap.

  • @Ellisandro hmmm, maybe Bertrand Toure 🤔

  • I'm fairly apprehensive about tonight, anyone else a little uneasy!?

  • Be hilarious if all three games are nil nil

  • You know what, maybe Nimes aren't so bad a shout against Lyon...look:

    *Seven absent, two new. The OL is facing a cascade of packages before receiving Nimes Friday night at Groupama Stadium (20.45). Hit on the ankle against PSG , captain Nabil Fekir remains unavailable. Just like Cornet , hurt also at the ankle. The three back rights, Rafael (shoulder), Dubois (thigh) and Tete (adductors), are fixed (see also) . To this must be added Tousart's suspension and Gouiri's long-standing injury (knee).

    Bruno Genesio has therefore called a rejuvenated group of 19 players. The two young Maxence Caqueret (18) and Ousseynou Ndiaye (19) make their first appearance in the group Lyon. The presence of Lenny Pintor (18) and Oumar Solet (18) is also noteworthy .*

    Where as Nimes have...well erm...Clement Depres anyone?

  • @dannypea be even funnier if for first time ever every game in all pb leagues were 0-0!!

  • If you're in Frankfurt please remember the rules about what you can take into the game...

    1. Allowed fan utensils

    3 megaphones
    3 drums (open at the bottom, visible each with a set of drumsticks)
    15 double holders with stick length up to max. 2,00 m
    Unlimited small flags with pole length up to 2.00 m
    5 large pivoting lugs with telescopic poles (already taken)
    Fence banners (as long as there is space)

  • Denayer

    Lyon hatrick

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