• £1.17

    Cheap Monaco striker with decent goals record, now returning from injury. Could be a good option with the new goals and assists promotion and no-one seems to have jumped on him yet

  • anyone know when Ronny Lopes is back from injury??? Monaco have had some bad luck this season but if everyone is getting back fit in time for the Thierry Henry reign then they should pick up points and be a real attacking force again!!!

  • I’d like to think Chadli will get some minutes, I think Henry will some experience, he knows him from Belgium set up also. He could be a good assister!

  • Chadli was one of the best players in the WC... depends what system he plays too... with Martinez it's been 3411 so as a wide player in MF he could rack up some decent PB scores?? never mind the half pence for assists!!!

  • Chadli has gone under the radar a bit, he might be a good cheap option, I own a mighty 18 shares but if Henry does play him his value must go up.

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