Question - Lowest price a player can go to

  • Hi all

    Firstly apologies for clogging up the forum asking questions you probably all know the answer too.

    I have heard a few times people talking about buying players who are say 41p and saying there’s a 1p maximum he can fall.

    Firstly is this right and why?
    Second how do I find out the minimum price for each player?


  • Go to squad players in the market and sort them from lowest price.

  • I think he means what did each player IPO at...? As far as I can tell if you take the lowest of the lowest players which in my browser is Camilo Vargas at 21p... if you click on his name and click on his one year price trend you will notice he IPO'd at 0.20... and has since spiked at 0.23 and is currently back down to 0.21... so (correct me if i'm wrong) because he IPO'd at 20p... he can't go below this in effect.. if you brought 100 Camilo Vargas's at 0.21 the worst you can lose is one penny each share (£1 in total)...

    The only problem is it might be trickier to find the original IPO's for some of the players who've been on the market for more than a year? But if it was lowest risk you wanted.. I presume you wouldn't be purchasing these anyway as they'll have gone hugely up since then!!!

  • @dannypea
    Thank you that’s what I meant.

    So they can’t drop below their original IPO price.

    Can anyone point me too where I can find a players original IPO price? Thanks for the heads up on the graph for players released in last 12 months.

  • In practice, I don’t think a player has ever dropped below their IPO price.

    All the big names in the Top 200 have an IPO of 25p.

    You can still see the majority of other players on their one year price graph. Otherwise I think most of the data services hold IPO prices.

  • it's about, give or take...4

  • @playingcards1

    Thanks a lot mate that’s just what I needed clarifying.

  • Only exceptions would be death or retirement.

    Davide Astori for example is back to his IPO price, however IS is 1p. Search either for him or ''not available'' in the squad and you'll see what I mean.

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