Not another new promotion moan.....

  • Hi all,

    I'll try to stick to the topic title :-D but a little background summary. Due to 16th / 20th balls up, put all my big boys onto the market (thank f*** I didn't IS) £13.5k of sales later to discover FI's ''f*** up''

    Hmmm me thinks, decision time, do I suck it up and buy back the big boys at higher prices or something more drastic... after a fairly sleepless night and 0 response from CS I decided on a compromise. Withdrew my 'net deposit' amount and spent around a day deciding how to spend the 'house money.'

    So after 16 months my portfolio is 100% gains - I hope it doesn't come across as Twitteratti style bragging , but this is realistically possible for anyone with patience & willing to put in the time to research & learn.

    I'll probably try to break the addiction a little now so apologies in advance if I don't contribute as much to the forum.

  • @AT10 did you seriously sell £13k of shares and incur £260 in fees just to follow the rest of the sheep?

  • @NewUser156205 define sheep? I acted too quickly to discover the incorrect information.

    The original promotion encouraged selling 'old' shares and rebuying after the 20th and was worded in a way I, and others, felt would cause a short term crash. (Admittedly I was wrong) I certainly wouldn't have sold up just for a 2p buzz if I didn't think there would be a crash.

    Regards the fees, I would always have had to pay them. At least this way I sold to market and liquefied my portfolio in minutes ;-) and the next time I pay them it will just be me giving them some of their money back!

  • @AT10 Sorry, I didnt mean to be offensive. Sheep follow the crowd even though they don't know why they are following the crowd

  • @AT10 lol all crash warnings (and i heard many) in the last 3 years were wrong. And it will not happen in my opinion at least not within the next 5 years. Mark my words.....

  • @NewUser38991 Like I said I thought the promotion could cause a short/mini crash, that has happened before, for example Aug 17 when Adam Cole announced changes to the proposed PB system, some players literally halved within minutes. Thankfully I wasn't massively invested at the time so I doubled my investment that night.

    But agree with your general point, hopefully FI will continue to grow for a long time to come! But that doesn't mean there won't be the odd bump, especially if they don't smarten up how the present new promotions.

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