Proposed changes

  • Hi guys don't know if you've seen my post on twitter about my new video proposing some changes to the new dividend. I'd love to hear your views.

  • @Noirx4

    As always, your suggestions are well thought out, rational and above all else, fair. That being said, I doubt FI will take any of it on board.

    I wonder if the guys at FI have ever been in touch with you personally.

    Your devotion to improving the product and loyalty to the users hasn't been aknowledged enough in my opinion.

    I've said it before, and ill say it again (even louder this time following the recent debacle). You are one of the few people in this arena who knows what they are talking about, and your view/opinion is very much trusted in the community.

    Keep at it mate. You have far more voices behind you than you realise ...

  • @johnboywalker thanks very much for the kind words mate. Greatly appreciated.

  • Agreed!!! And for what it's worth I reckon FI will take notice of what people like you say and do!!!

    Important to keep that going as we are all in it for the same reasons!!!

  • Yep, its just nonsensical for people to make money in 30 days from the dividend ‘mechanic’.

    We need a clean sheet dividend or something for defenders/goalkeepers.

    Keeping the current bonus dividend structure over a season would certainly help pure goalscorers. This surely would have to be balanced out for defenders though, so clean sheets get acknowledged becuase at the moment everything is heavy on the goals side.

  • @johnboywalker agree with all you said. Noir has sent more emails this week to me than football index ever have.this week i found myself around 4th in his fantasy pb league!!

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