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  • I'm making this post to track tonight games. We can already see the price raises in the best attacking players about to take the field in about 20 minutes.

    Biggest price rise by player.

    Moussa Dembele - LYON +0.22
    Ante Rebic - FRANKFURT +0.09 (not playing BTW lol)
    Bertrand Traore LYON +0.07 (starting on the bench)
    Memphis Depay LYON +0.07
    Iago Aspas CELTA DE VIGO +0.05
    Houssem Aouar LYON +0.03

    So we can already see the extra dividends getting priced in before the games have kicked off, however price rises in the best players per game is nothing new, and can't be fully contributed to just the promo.

    I'm going to just track Lyon and Frankfurt starting 11s only to keep it simple. Then tonight compare the pre game price, to the close to dividend deadline price at say 11.30, then i'll compare their prices again in the morning. To see what movements we get.


    Trapp 0.53
    Abraham 0.61
    Hasebe 0.42
    N'Dicka 1.04
    da Costa 1.15
    Gacinovic 0.80
    Kostic 1.12
    Haller 1.48
    Jovic 2.31


    Lopes 0.54
    Mendy 2.10
    Denayer 0.90
    Marcal 0.51
    Diop 1.25
    Ndombele 3.05
    Terrier 1.57
    Depay 4.55
    Aouar 2.68
    Dembele 2.67

    I'm going out to play football myself in about a hour. Please feel free to update this thread with any price movement you notice during the all games. Especially around goals scored.

  • Heller went crazy jumping 30p off the 2p dividend win. Then traded up and down between 1.70 and 1.76.

    FI will be loving that for commission earned.

    Settled at 1.71 a few minutes after the goal.

  • @Misto got 25 haller but bought early this him at 1.16. Got gacinovic too

  • @Misto i love it too.. great money to be made....

  • Jovic scored - up to 244p

  • So from what I'm seeing... Bet early (ie day before) and as soon as they score cash out??? 20/30p flips all around????

  • Jovic a much smaller swing. Up 10p of a 2p win

  • Seems to calm down around 3 mins after a goal

  • @dannypea but why cash out ??game just started...

  • @dannypea i dont think it be that simple, however i would say buy a ahead of the scramblers and chasers.example being they all concentrating on the next day, we get on players for 2 days time. Nothing is easy but im 13.75 up on haller albeit i bought him monday before the dividend announcement

  • From FI point of view this is great. Mad buying around a goal. Then when people see they have paid 10p to win 2p they will want to sell to get on the next player to score.

  • I bought him for the season so may keep , i dont know now.i like haller haha

  • Frankfurt playing Limassol at home midweek so wonder if this means prices won't drop , or if a lot of people will be flipping very short term

  • This is gonna be 6!!!

  • @Misto Jovic 255p and thats not the end...up up up

  • @Mundek 2.59 now. Seems there was a delay in the market rushing in on him this goal. Wonder why?

  • I agree... I wouldn't cash out... But hundreds would... I think the secret is just buy players who score and keep scoring??? Free dividends!!!

    The key like you say is get in early!!!

  • @Misto hihi, 266p ...

  • Kostic assist. Has he gone up too ?

  • @Misto
    cos he scored a 2nd

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