Quality or quantity

  • Hi

    Was just wondering what people’s stance is on quality vs quantity when buying players.

    For example having £100

    Do you buy....

    A. 11 messi
    15 Kane
    16 neymar
    ( I took the top three for this example)


    B. 50 Eriksens
    54 falcao
    66 immobile

    I appreciate there are players in between these price categories but I just wanted to give a basic example.


  • Could mix it if unsure and see what works best for you....

    11 messi
    16 neymar
    66 immobile

  • I guess you first need to decide your strategy, dividends, capital gains, flipping etc. I then look at potential return on investment. For example let's say you want to hit 20% roi in dividends alone, how many PBs would Messi require vs say Falcao? I've not done the maths but let's assume Messi requires 10 pbs and Falcao 3 pbs over a season, who's more likely to a: hit your target and b: exceed your target. No hard and fast rule but something that requires some skill and judgement with a bit of luck too.

  • Starting with a budget of £100 I think its best to stay away from the big price players. You can make money from just looking at upcoming fixtures and buying players that will rise before they play. For example: You could buy Immobile after the Juventus game for £1.31-£1.40, he's now priced at £1.51 and could grow further. Buying and selling lower priced players will help build up your portfolio value.

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