Non dividend/ PB Players

  • Having a fairly heavy bias to promising non-pb players/ long term injured players I had seen pretty great solid growth over the last few months. The new dividend seems to have hit these players hardest as my players still seem to be falling.

    I've had to think whether sticking with this strategy is worth it long term and after much deliberation have come up with the the following:

    The reason for holding these players was a mid term bet that they would appreciate in value due to transfer links and the possibility of joining one of the eligible leagues or regaining fitness. The reason why these players have dropped in value is clearly due to the fact that there are players who will offer promo dividends/ pbs in the short term . Given that I was willing to accept that my players would not receive any pb from the leagues they are playing in, has anything really changed?

    Short term clearly yes, but also a lot of the value for the new promotion has already been had so wading in now could be a bit of a risky venture and against the approach that suits my risk averse nature.

    If the promotion finishes at the end of the month then I would hope that the players who have increased will drop and my players will once again rise. If the scoring/assist dividends continue ad infinitum then once the transfer links I am looking for come to fruition then surely these players will just increase greater to catch up with the new prices?

    Is anyone else in the same position? It would be interesting to know if anyone else has had the same dilemma?

  • You know the answer. You're just looking for someone to reaffirm it. If your trading strategy is based around short term outcomes then yes you need to rethink. If your planning over the longer term, these current market movements are just waves in the ocean.

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