How long do players normally take to sell?

  • Hi all,

    I’m a new user this week and I’m trying to sell a few players I picked up on the first day. I’ve put them in the queue and the players are of mixed popularity, I would say.

    I would just like to know on average how long players take to sell when in the queue. I appreciate this varies a lot depending on the player and the market but if anyone could advise on their general experience of selling this way I’d be grateful.


  • @NewUser94307 Also depends on the volume. As a guide I managed to sell around 50 Harry Winks which took less than a day.

  • I see. I’m not selling anymore than 20 per player. I had in my head that they’d be quicker than that though...and Winks is popular right now after the week he’s had, some of mine may take longer. FI must make a lot through the instant sells by the looks of it!

    Thanks for the info!

  • @NewUser94307 depends on demand. I managed to shift 100 wilsheres to market yesterday evening in about 30 minutes.

  • @FI1 did it make much of a difference in terms of price?

  • @pwp23 do you mean compared to instant sell? If so it was about 4p difference. It was only a quick flip for me bought 100 futures early in the week and made about £12 so instant sell was not really an option.

  • What annoys me is you can't set a price where you want e.g. If some is valued at 0.85 and you're happy to sell but can only set to 0.83. Why not 0.84?

  • @FI1

    I think they meant did it make any difference to the market price published once you had sold them ?
    If they didn’t mean that, I’m certainly interested to know, if you happened to look at his buy price after ? Thanks

  • @NewUser94307 @FI1 yeah, was thinking in relation to instant sell - guess it would need to be big quantities to make a real difference to market price

  • @pwp23 yea. I think the price drops 1p per 100 futures sold. It did drop a little due to others instant selling whilst my futures were selling to market.

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