Hofmann price tumble predictions

  • On match day 1 of the new GS/A dividend trial, in another thread I predicted futures in Jovic would fall down to £2.37 from over £3.00 after the much-predicted-yet-never-fully-materialised sell off after midnight (I was way off, as he settled around £2.92 by morning 😆).

    Sooo... Now that we know the sell-offs aren't quite as volatile as predicted, let's see what we think will happen to the price of Jonas Hofmann, currently up a massive 78p at £2.23.

    I'm going to predict he drops to £1.78 by morning -
    What do you guys think?

  • HAHAHAH I GIVE UP!! 00:03 and his price is UP a penny at £2.24!!!
    I'm confused 😳😂😂😂

  • @ScouseSte hofmann is a pretty good player , goalscoring midfielder, wouldnt surprise me if bayern or managers in prem start taking a look. Could be potential mover?!

  • Personally - I think Hoffman is worth at least £2.50. His PB scores have been very high on at least 3 occasions this year and he has a goal in him too. Compare with Veretout who is at £2.51 and Parejo at £3.12, he deserves to be at least as high as them.

  • @Finlay77 @NewUser96178
    I don't disagree with either of you, I am just surprised that the massive price crashes that were predicted to happen come midnight aren't materialising (which is GOOD!)

    Yes, it's clear to see if someone bags a couple of goals or assists now then their price is rocketing a lot more than before, but people seem to generally be holding on and not cashing in early (again a positive thing)

    What I HAVE noticed though, which is affecting my portfolio is a gradual decrease in value of £4-5 players that aren't playing in the next 2 or 3 days (Paco Alcacer has dropped a fair bit below the 10p increase after Saturday's game). I'm assuming this is because investors have bought in to him pre-game, got the goal divs and now have a player worth just enough to sell on at a tiny profit so that they can reinvest in tonight's games to seek more dividends/rises?
    I'm guilty of thus myself, ditching defender David Brooks for some Aaron Ramsay action tonight (hopefully he plays!)

    The new goal/assist dividend has certainly made me completely change my strategy - it's more like the fear of missing out if you don't have any players in your portfolio playing that day/night. I'll never buy into someone AFTER the game, that is way too bandwagon for me. But before a game I will and that's definitely where FI has added more of a gambling nature - whether it's a good a bad thing we shall see at the end of the trial 🤔

  • Yeah, likewise I'm surprised that there haven't been any massive price crashes a couple of minutes after midnight. Prices are dipping a bit, but nothing major.

  • @ocs123 said in Hofmann price tumble predictions:

    Yeah, likewise I'm surprised that there haven't been any massive price crashes a couple of minutes after midnight. Prices are dipping a bit, but nothing major.

    I guess it doesn't really make sense to sell when you still have potentially another 5 games, within the 30 day trial, for the player to score/assist again. Furthermore, we all know that when a player is in form, stick with him. Look at the recent rise in Alcacer and Andre Silva as examples of this.

    The only reason the price drops occur is because of scaremongering and panic. I have no doubt the prices might drop more significantly nearer the end of the 30 day trial, but I doubt it will be anything catastrophic.

  • Hofmann was never gonna drop to £1:78 he’s too good a player and I agree with most above that he’ll eventually be one of the best priced midfielders,however when a poor player with no reasonable reason to hold other than the goals they’ve scored that day,that player will plummet faster than we’ve seen on here before.

  • @ScouseSte my strategy kinda remains the same, however i dont have ten grand i can just pop in, buy 100 shares of this player and that and just leave, so the money i have i use to trade. Any profits go on a player i have a view of holding. I have plenty of 1 share players that i will use trades to buy free shares with trade profits.slow going but only way i can do it. When i sell i always leave that one share to build on. This dividend has certainly sped proceedings up to almost daily proportions. Im guessing thats exactly what fi have wanted

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