What do you want from FI

  • Hi guys im running a poll on twitter for what you want from football index would love your input


  • I voted for GK dividends.

    I see most people are going for overall dividend increase. I just think that will make the top players even more expensive and just lines the pockets of current traders. FI needs new customers for overall growth.

  • Option 2 NTL clean sheet 1p, assist 1p, goal 1p div as this will provide an even playing field to defenders/midfielders / attackers.

    The others wont resolve the new issue which they have caused which now tilts everything in favour of strikers (assuming that this new trail remains)

  • Not an option on poll but would like to see half price payout for PB runner up in each position. So fraustrating when your guy comes second.

  • must admit i don't really want any of the options??? GK divi's would be the natural progression but i can live without it.. I just think FI are missing a trick not including them for scoring?? most of my money is won on MB (so more of the same please) and capital growth so as long as the game keeps growing I'm a happy man!!!

  • @dannypea said in What do you want from FI:

    must admit i don't really want any of the options??? GK divi's would be the natural progression but i can live without it.. I just think FI are missing a trick not including them for scoring?? most of my money is won on MB (so more of the same please) and capital growth so as long as the game keeps growing I'm a happy man!!!

    For capital growth though we need more users, so what ever option brings in the most users is the one that should be picked, its not about benfiting current traders in my view. New users need to make money or feel like they have a chance

  • Agreed Tom, so in that case i think the goalscorer dividends works well? I like the fact that you can still get in and be paid 'after the event' up until midnight and it gives you an in game bet like interest if you don't own any PB players??

    Must admit from the people i've spoken to (mainly of a footy bet background) who I can't convert to play... They are not interested in 'putting £100 down to win £10' as they don't see the bigger picture... 2p dividends doesn't sound that exciting to people so maybe less dividends but bigger rewards would be more attractive depending on the target market?

    'Investors' will see it, like it, and play it largely without flipping each and every game but attracting a betting audience for me has to have that 'instant' rewards and for that you probably need to create more volatility which will probably put the longer term holders off? Tricky one.. I would have said nothing really needed tweaking initially.. perhaps keepers'just because' it makes sense but we didn't really need goalscorers and assist dividends? We just need word of mouth and good returns to continue and more and more people will hop on as confidence in the brand continues!!

  • Tiered PB then a few months after that a share split

  • @Noirx4

    Hi Noir,

    Good idea. Could you just clarify the abbreviations please? NTL? GK dividends - S, D, T - what do they represent? Saves?

    I had an idea following on from the FIG podcast. What about dividends based directly on Opta score? For example, 1p payout per 100 opta points. This could change depending on position. So 100 points for GK & Def, 150 for mids and Fwds? Probably remove gwg. This would allow growth in players who perform well but aren't part of a big team and spread the dividends more evenly and increase 'wins'. Will also bring GKs into the mix as there seems to a demand for this.

    Either way, right idea with the survey and hope FI listen.

  • @Metropolis_山の中の市

    No time limit (NTL) so not the 30 day limit imposed atm.

    GK sdt - single game day, double game day, treble game day.

  • I really like the goals & assist dividends I just wish there wasn't a time limit and I'm being greedy but I think the return should be slightly higher with staggered prices for attackers, midfielders and defenders.

    Attackers - £0.03
    Midfielders- £0.04
    Defenders - £0.05

    Assists - £0.02

    Also, dividends should be paid out daily/weekly rather than monthly imo. This new idea is based around short term holds in players, so it makes sense that dividends should be paid more frequently than once every five weeks or whatever it is.

  • @Tom77 Fully agree. The more attractive it is on all players, then more investors win with FI growing in turn. The defensive players are not giving nearly as much returns as attackers overall

  • Just had a quick browse on twitter and the feedback does really seem negative towards last weeks unannounced surprise trial...

    I think 'WE' as traders want the ability to use our football knowledge to provide us with positive returns.. the new ethos seems more like... take a chance or get in early and get out quick which isn't really a strategy that everyone can relate to?

    What would I like to see? MB dividends at 10p every day... Matchday dividends at 5p for fixture days below nine games and 10p for ten plus game days... GK, DF, MF, FW included and an extra 5p for the top players score of the day...

    Oh and throw in a share split so it reduces the price of those at the top end so newbies can get in cheaper and us oldies get rewarded for our early investment....

    I'm not even bothered about goalscorer dividends.. I think if the message is clear and the figures are nicely rounded people will think the returns sound good and the ideology is simple... invest in those who are likely to get media attention... or invest in those who are likely to play well! The growth value will speak for itself!

  • Great subject to discuss,

    Having had time to calm down and think about what has happened I believe that what we want and what will happen realistically depends upon what the FI finances and accounts look like. We have no idea if they are thriving or burning through start up capital at an alarming rate.

    Until last week from the outside it looked like everything was rosy with customers making very easy money and FI growing the customer base and increasing there advertising to continue to grow the platform and increase revenues through adding new traders.

    At the same time new board members were adding with extensive gambling backgrounds (were these Adam's decision or put upon him by the private equity people?). The new strategy is obviously aimed at driving up revenues and increasing turnover so I believe 1 of three things has happened.

    1. Honest error and misjudgement by FI in thinking this would be universally loved and not effect existing portfolios and benefit both existing customers, new customers and FI.

    2. Income levels at FI are lower than anticipated and the new advertising is not generating enough new traders so something had to be done to increase revenue. This could have been conveyed to us but FI would not want to spook everyone as that could have caused a full on crash so just introduced this quickly which explains the hap hazard and unprepared nature of the announcement.

    3. Adam Cole and/or the financial backers of FI want a return on there money quicker so are now changing the platform as in its previous format it was not profitable enough and by bringing in a major change that lowers value it encourages long term traders to sell up (creates commission) and leaves more active day style traders that are far more profitable.

    I believe by the end of the trial period when we see/hear what is next we will all be able to judge the long term prospects for FI and its direction.

    Now what I would like firstly is to know if FI is financially stable.
    If not they should add a small charge on purchases to plug the gap
    Then do not continue this promotion in its current guise
    Then use money to improve the website/App and back office systems
    Finally when there is money to add/change dividends do so in a way that does not positively or negatively effect current prices. Such as increase dividends in line with the average player price increases over the previous 12 months. To add 2nd and 3rd place PB dividends would be very expensive but again a small charge on purchases may cover this.

  • @Fletch

    I agree as investors we come from backgrounds of business and rather than panic we can perhaps help the situation by taking a cut on profit or paying an extra bit of commission 'IF' the current model is not financially viable (which has been my question all along)...

    If it is just 'new users' they want because of lower than expected projections or not hitting targets then offer a free promo and get as many people in as you can!!! this is not by offering more confusing dividend payouts.. but by simply increasing awareness of the brand through playability... even a free site as mentioned could work?? The structure of FI and the HIGHS and LOWS on performance and media is a simple well thought out product that is addictive once played... so getting more people to play it whether its in demo or real 'no risk' mode might be the best way of helping newbies learn the ropes thus having the confidence to invest!!!

  • I want to see FI's accounts so I am confident that they are going to survive.

  • @dannypea lol you do realise that quadruple dividends on mb 😂

  • Hahaha, it's just what 'i' want mate!!! ;)

  • I would like to see tiered pb and mb dividends so a sliding scale from top player to bottom ones. Just like in real life companies all pay different dividends

  • I want to 10x my money lol. I had an email from Dan the FI manager. He said they need to implement something that will benefit the company as well as the traders. I think they need to do this goal and assist, in order to generate money to pay dividends.

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