G&A. Will FI pump or dump?

  • What is your gut instinct on information to hand so far, as to whether this trial in its current form will stay? Will FI pump or dump it?

  • i think it will remain in some modified form

  • I think it will remain but not sure if week one was a success??? Must admit I played a bit on Friday night and happily jumped on Jovic who for me was the one real winner of the weekend... After that though much disappointment and I saw nothing in the market to suggest a positive reaction.. Footy down the other day, my portfolio down almost 1% over the weekend... People will avoid it like the plague if that continues...

    Suppose the only saving grace is the Champions League?? More games this week so more chopping and changing? I think worth giving it a few weeks and I do like it in principle but can't help feeling FI are making more work for themselves when they already struggle with monitoring and paying the standard dividends payouts already!!

    I still say if they 'need' commissions they should take it on purchases then it stops forcing us to sell as many strategies aren't deployed for quick returns and these are obviously the strategies concerning FI the most!!

  • It’s going to be every interesting when they have to pay out the dividends, if its not 100% spot on people are going get very annoyed.
    There;s a bit of discontent when they aren’t paid out now within a few hours, yet alone whole months worth.....

    I think its here to stay, just needs refining.

  • They will tweak it ....

  • @Tom77

    Yeah, I think that FI have made a massive rod for their own back. How on earth are they going to track all player purchases pre-midnight, the number of goals and assists for each player, and all player sales post midnight?

    FI has a host of annoying technical / IT problems that remain unsolved, so I would be amazed if there aren't problems come 1st November.

  • I will be very suprised if they tweak it. I think it will either stay as is or be dumped

  • @Noirx4 The tracking side is easy really, provided it's been programmed correctly, that's just computer automation. Trying to analyze the overall scheme, let's look at the basics. Most of us came here because of the attraction of investing in players, long, short or medium term, and the challenge of using our knowledge or football research to find profitable investment.

    There are a percentage of traders who are are easily persuaded by the impulse of pump and dump, or herd reactions to follow the crowd, and these are probably the ones losing the most. I'm wondering if there is quite a fast turnover in these types of traders. They will not stay around long hemorrhaging money, unless they catch on and change behaviour. So you could think they are generally a passing minority.

    Fi are privy to the facts and figures on this, and I would assume they've noticed that the consensus here is that experienced traders are not swayed by the attraction of small dividends for recurring enrollment in G&A. I think I read that 20% of commission goes towards dividends, someone can correct me on this? The money is there to pay dividends for all types of players.

    Maybe FI are just looking to see how they can pull in extra profit from susceptible players? And the scheme will stay, but the majority of us won't get involved in it?

  • @Noirx4 said in G&A. Will FI pump or dump?:

    I will be very suprised if they tweak it. I think it will either stay as is or be dumped

    Really ?

    For me the most likely is they position balance it so give more for defenders scoring.

    Personally I am fine with it as an extra. The short term chasers will pay for our profits. The issue is it doesn't in real terms add to a player value. Maybe on average it adds 5p. With PB prices the way they are, without rises in dividends for PB then I dont see room for dividend backed price growth.

    So as an extra to entice short term trading. Great. As an alternative to genuine dividend rises then no.

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