• It seems you can't keep him out of the news...

    rumored with a Jan move to Real Madrid... Up 0.16 in 24H to 0.86... 37 years old now.... Is he a risk anyone would take???

    He would certainly be a media magnate 'IF' he could burst in to the top 200...

    TBF to come back from something like 0.50 when he moved to LA to be on the rise again at his age has to be up there with the resurrection of Jesus and Liverpool's Champions League final in 2005 as the GOAT!!!

  • @dannypea Ibrahimovic is still a Lion. A loud one that cannot be tamed!

  • I cant see this happening, and even if it does I don’t think he’ll break the Top 200.

    His media value came predominantly from being at Man Utd. It will be much less at Real.

  • suppose that is key.. IF... and it's highly unlikely he breaks into the top 200 then he's gold-dust... IF not... then he's worthless but for half a chance at the odd PB and a goal dividend (if it stays) should he move to Madrid?

    I wouldn't risk anything myself but under a quid.. is that low risk for potential short term gains?? If the European links continue then I don't see why he can't reach a quid???

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