Alternative PB System Idea

  • With the recent promotion and discussions around PB, listening to yesterday's FIG podcast gave me an idea which I'm thinking of suggesting to FI. Unlikely they will consider but it would be good to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

    Apologies that this is a duplicate of a reply in Noir's thread but thought it would get a better response if it had its own.

    The concept

    Replace the current PB which only rewards the top performing players with smaller payouts for every player who scores over a specified Opta points threshold.

    The exact amounts would need to be carefully researched and calculated to ensure rewards are in line with current payouts and FI still profit but as a basic example

    1p payout for all GKs and Defs who score over 100 Opta points
    1p payout for all Mids and Fwds who score over 150 Opta points


    The advantage being smaller, more regular and frequent wins. High possibility of multiple wins per match day.

    GKs have value and Defs are back!

    Increases potential for low priced players to return dividends - very attractive for new users.

    Increases FI market to fans of football stats and player performance

    More consistent returns - reduces likelihood of one off performances by rewarding consistency of player. Players retain value based on this.


  • This would result in FI paying out far more in divs given the high number of players exceeding your thresholds. So a non-starter methinks...

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