Pogba’s lost his crown...

  • Pogba has now slipped to fourth on the Index from being king weeks ago. Almost £3 behind King Neymar. Why are so many selling up? Is it because of this new “mechanic” and that he’s not scoring lately? Anyway it’s surely very concerning for those holding big amounts of shares in the MB magnet.

  • @NewUser171924 I think you said it. He's not scoring and Neymar does.

  • @NewUser171924

    The MB has dried up. It will return at some point, but in the meantime that money can be put to better use.

  • He can’t play football to save his life, but he guarantees good MB over the course of a season, so i’m sticking with him (even though he’s lower than I bought him for).

    I don’t believe that Utd have turned a corner. Further poor performances and bust up beckon, which is when Pogba delivers the best returns.

  • January transfer window could see him hit MB again!

  • If he stays at Man U this season then I see there being much less MB as Mourinho has effectively put out a gagging order on his social media behaviour.

  • @NewUser171924 said in Pogba’s lost his crown...:

    If he stays at Man U this season then I see there being much less MB as Mourinho has effectively put out a gagging order on his social media behaviour.

    I’ve read completely the opposite that Woodward and marketing like the social media becuase its just putting Man U in the public eye more.

    Also with an agent like Raiolo transfers stories and unrest are going to appear.

  • lets face it Neymar is down from £16... Messi is down following his injury (all be it a small overnight adjustment of faith)... Hazard took a hit this weekend because he didn't score... Pogba takes an inevitable hit because of the new mechanic and a slight lack of MB recently...

    Of all the above, Pogba is most volatile simply because he's least consistent... This does have an effect on price but long term, Pogba creates media interest so on that basis alone he's likely to pick up dividends... The beauty of him, if he plays well he raises interest, if he plays badly he raises interest... so for me he's a keep through to the Jan window until his future at least is more resolved.

    Another thing I reckon a lot of potential Jan movers were purchased during the internationals break... now that football is back this might drop off whilst folk concentrate on PB but it will pick up again during the Nov break and in December as we run up to the window... Might be a good time to get in the potential movers now whilst folk concentrate on PB and chasing goals and assists?

  • Pogba
    Age 25
    Divs this season: 1.86
    Divs since November 2017: 3.69
    Price 11.98



    Pogba is severely undervalued by most metrics I would say. Not even especially more streaky than most players just a fairly reliable winner.

    But will the market ever adjust and reflect his true value? All very well and good being undervalued but traders seem adverse to buying him when he's not winning day after day and then drop him the moment he doesn't win. No other player seems to get the same treatment.

  • @PB-man do you have a breakdown of those divs into MB and PB? I guess most of Pogba's will be MB which will be the opposite to Messi and Hazard. Investing in PB winning players will always be the safer option due to the fragile nature of MB.

  • @Metropolis_山の中の市 MB is the big winner at the top end regardless of the player really I'd say (maybe Neymar and Messi would be the exceptions). But anyway:

    Pogba: 0.38 pb
    Hazard: 0.48 pb
    Messi: 1.22 pb

  • Dividends are dividends, does it really matter where they come from? its still money

    Dividends gernerally drives growth, MB or PB aside, I dont see the difference.

    MB is safer to me, injury or playing if your social or media magnet you can still win, PB actually relies on playing very well and is more a lottery in my opinion.

  • If FI really wanted to screw us over they could scrap MB.... Probably would make 'holding' the bigger names less worthwhile long term as folk are urged to invest on PB only which has more of a random circle of winners???

  • @dannypea That would destroy the top value players. Over 50% of divs for all the big hitters come from media so I can't see it happening. I do think any increase in divs will be PB driven though so perhaps MB will become less of a factor as time goes on.

  • @PB-man would be catastrophic but think of the comms FI could earn in the sales!!!!

  • @dannypea said in Pogba’s lost his crown...:

    @PB-man would be catastrophic but think of the comms FI could earn in the sales!!!!

    The index would be dead for 1/4 of the year with no MB, there would be no reason to trade!

  • @Tom77 true Tom!!


    Glad we brainstormed that idea out the window then!!!!

  • @Tom77 This is the main point. The index would lose a lot of money without MB. Think how volatile the likes of Bale are around transfer time. A move to the prem would no longer cause big fluctuations in price since there would be no increased chance of MB.

  • Feels like Pogba lost his legs last night lookina at the amount of people panic selling😁FI must be laughing

  • @tommyboy2104

    Yeah, he just keeps tanking in value more and more.

    It takes quite a lot of nerve to hold him, in the knowledge that another media storm (and MB wins) will follow in December or January. Really wish I hadn't bought into him 10 days before the G&A dividend was introduced. I thought I was buying on a dip, but limited media interest since then and the G&A promo is killing me.

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