Sell CR7 and invest in.....?

  • I've been contemplating selling Cristiano Ronaldo for a while and I'm wondering if tonight may present me with the perfect opportunity.

    A couple of things holding me back

    1. Missing out on future divs. I've no doubt there is still value in him so not 100% decided, but just feel there are better prospects and he becomes riskier as the season goes on. May be a good time to minimise risk.
    1. The uncertainty of who to replace him with

    I already hold Neymar, Messi and Salah, so one option is to increase my holding in these. I'm looking for a player who can win both PB and more importantly, MB consistently. With the exception of Pogba please. I just don't see any PB value in him at his current price.

    Options I am considering:

    Coutinho. Could buy 2x as many shares as I have in CR7. See him as a good long term hold with prospect of future PB and possibly a move back to the Prem if he ever fancies it. The current promo for attackers makes me look at minds more favourably.

    Dybala. No doubt a great prospect but I'm looking more for the finished article who can pull in some MB divs this year.

    Jesus. OK, a slight wildcard but could buy 2.5 x as many shares as I hold in CR7. Premier league based and guarenteed more game time as the season progresses or in the case of an injury to Aguero.

    Bale. Very attractive option but uncertainty at R. Madrid. Judging by his season so far, a new manager or Lopetegui could look for a new striker in Jan and he won't be a regular in the team.

    Aubameyang. A possibility but too late after his performance last night. Haven't seen him on the MB chart much either.

    Kane. Looks tired and at risk of injury.

    Hazard - too pricey at present.

    Any thoughts or anyone sold CR7 recently and if so, who did you put the money into?

  • @Metropolis_山の中の市

    I am not going to tout a particular player as your list has some good options already but I would endorse your initial "sell CR7" instinct because whilst there's inevitably going to be plenty of divis left in him I believe the associated risks are way higher than almost any other player on the index. If he scores tonight & has anything like a decent game I would use the opportunity to dump him & reinvest in almost any other player (out of the 200-300 likely alternatives) as I think it would be a far safer home for the money.

    You will inevitably have a pang of sellers regret everytime he wins a dividend but will sleep far easier IMHO.

  • @NewUser159387 Hazard or Mbappe. Whether people think their price is overvalued or not, they keep rising.

  • @Ollie

    It's not really about over valued or not - it's risk vs reward; CR7 may increase in price but still has massive risk attached, far outweighing the possible gains.

  • @Ollie agree with this, although I see Mbappe as a safer long term hold. I think a lot of Hazards current price has the MB of a move to Madrid built in to it and if he decides to stay at Chelsea he might drop a little.

    Mbappe is a strange one, in terms of returns he is massively overpriced but if you want a long term investment he looks very low risk - thats the reason I hold him. He wont make me much money in the short term but as FI grows he will too (and return a few divs along the way)

  • In terms of Dividend returns, Hazard is the one for me. One goal is often enough for him to return a 200+ PB score. He's the main man under Sarri once more. On free-kicks, corners, pens, been told 'to score 40 goals this season'..It's a no brainer, but then again that's why he's #2 on the FI.

  • I still think the value is in United players, if they are bad then its a matter of time before Jose gets sacked and then they start performing better under a new manager.
    They actually start playing very well and get some goals.
    I dont see the downside.

  • @Tom77 agree, i like for the price of one Ronaldo you can get Martial and Rashford... all depends on strategy... If you need someone to replace his MB long term i would opt for Mbappe but if it was PB i would be looking for the regular scorers and Salah is currently offering good value??? For growth the likes of Jadon Sancho & Vinny Jnr could be decent gambles although i'm not sure on the latter just yet?

  • No one can replace Ronaldo though, for Ronaldo money I would split into categories of a PB player, MB player and some investment or a little bank for transfers.

    I just think there is value in United especially when you compare players in other teams and the prices. Sterling £6.......

  • Mbappe and hold for 3 years. Simples.

  • At the absolute top of the market, it has to be Neymar or Hazard. Both are PB demons and both offer a great MB return. And they’ll still be top quality players in 3 years time should you hold that long.

  • @playingcards1

    Agree with you on Neymar. On Hazard I think there's some chance his MB returns will diminish if he does make a move, as Coutinho's did. Hazard and Coutinho have similarly dull public personas.

    I wouldn't dismiss Kane so easily, myself. I'm a holder, but he feels like a bet without a downside. He's already at the worst club for MB that he's likely to be at, with rumours he could move elsewhere. He's recently had a dip in form, which he's recovered from (although his price hasn't changed to reflect that yet). And he's still returning dividends despite this. For me, at worst he's solid, at best he flies.

  • Wayne Rooney

  • @playingcards1 Hazard has never demonstrated remotely the same PB returns as Neymar, I'd avoid personally unless he is scooping up media at a better rate than Pogba and other media focused players.

  • @PB-man

    Have you seen his scores this season....?? He was playing under Conte before, the shackles were on, and his PB was poor. But times change. I think he’s probably been the best PB performer in the Premier League this season.

    There’s a big problem with analysing historical PB data in a vacuum, removed from context, manager, tactics.

  • @playingcards1 my best player by a mile since joining FI the start of September

  • @playingcards1 said in Sell CR7 and invest in.....?:


    Have you seen his scores this season....?? He was playing under Conte before, the shackles were on, and his PB was poor. But times change. I think he’s probably been the best PB performer in the Premier League this season.

    There’s a big problem with analysing historical PB data in a vacuum, removed from context, manager, tactics.

    Hazard has won 10p more than PB than Pogba this season, not exactly ripping it up.

  • @playingcards1 He scored a hattrick vs Cardiff at home for his only win (easiest game of the season) and hasn't been playing European games. Like @Tom77 s aid he's actually only won 6p more PB divs than Pogba this season. He's also outscoring his expected goals by an unsustainable amount so I'm doubtful he keeps up even this level of performance.

  • Sorry guys. Disagree with you both on this one. I don’t think that taking the absolute pounds and pence return - 10 games into a post-WC season - is the way to judge. By that token you could argue that Ilicic is a better hold than James Rodriguez as he’s returned 18p more already.

    I like what I see of Hazard on the pitch this year, and the big PB scores that he’s posting gives me confidence that he’ll be a strong performer over the course of the season.

  • @playingcards1 It's a ploy I tell thee. CFC have instructed everyone from directors to tea ladies to make Hazard the main goal machine. So when he moves it will add an extra £100m to the transfer fee.

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